7 Reasons Why Epoxy Flooring is the Best Choice for Industrial Spaces

7 Reasons Why Epoxy Flooring is the Best Choice for Industrial Spaces

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Choosing a flooring solution for an industrial space can be very difficult, as there are countless matters to consider. From price considerations, to durability and maintenance, you must make sure that your new floor will handle the specific needs of your business. While there are many flooring solutions for industrial spaces, epoxy coating is by far the best choice. In what follows, we will explain to you why this type of floor is ideal for any type of industrial space.

1. Easy and fast installation

While installing an epoxy floor isn’t exactly a DIY project, compared to other industrial floors, epoxy coatings can be installed without too much hassle, and in a decent amount of time. Ideally, they should be installed on a concrete slab, but any other porous surface can work.

2. Durability

If they are installed properly, epoxy floors can last dozens of years. They are very hard to damage, and they resist oil stains as well as harsh chemicals. This makes them perfect for manufacturing plants, but also for sterile spaces, as you can disinfect the floors with any chemicals.

3. Easy maintenance

Epoxy flooring solutions are meant to resist heavy traffic and you don’t have to worry too much about their maintenance. Due to their glossy surface, they can easily be wiped with any mop or cloth. Occasional chips and cracks can easily be masked with paint. Moreover, the epoxy coating will prevent the wear of the initial concrete floor.

4. Increased brightness

Since most industrial spaces can be quite dark, it pays to invest in an epoxy floor coating. The glossy surface can increase a room’s brightness by as much as 200%.

5. Versatile design

If you have any design concerns, you should know that epoxy flooring solutions can be extremely versatile. There are numerous finish combinations to choose from, and you can even combine different patterns to create driveways or to mark other work areas.

6. Anti-slip surface

Employee safety should be a major concern for any business. Accidents can happen in any environment, but they are more likely to happen in industrial spaces where there is a lot of physical work involved. As such, all industrial floors should have anti-slip properties. Not only do epoxy floors provide an anti-slip surface, but they are also heat and fire resistant.

7. Environmentally friendly

Nowadays, consumers are more and more concerned with Eco-friendly solutions. If you want to promote yourself as an Eco-friendly business, make sure that your working space is also environmentally friendly. Luckily for you, epoxy floors pose no threat to the environment.

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