Artificial turf and pets – what you should know

Artificial turf and pets – what you should know

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Have you ever wondered why people choose artificial grass over the traditional lawn? Well, it comes with multiple advantages, it requires little maintenance and upkeep, and you do not have to water it. Also, you can enjoy its presence the entire year-round, because it will not die during the cold season. So, there is no wonder that homeowners prefer it. But if you have pets, then you might have many questions concerning the installation of artificial turf. You might wonder if your pets will be affected if they play on the artificial grass. You should know that artificial turf is safe for pets, and it is more resistant when it comes to wear and tear. However, before you choose the type of turf you want to install, you should find some things about artificial lawn.

It is resilient to wear and tear

If you have a dog or a cat, you know that they can be tough when it comes to playing on the lawn. But if you have a modern synthetic lawn, you will not have any issue with keeping it in its best shape, because it is ideal for pets says Evermore a supplier of artificial turf in Edinburgh. It is important to inform that you have pets, because they might recommend you a special type of grass.

It will not be damaged by your dog’s doings

Pet owners have the misconception that their dog’s pooches will damage the artificial turf. Dogs choose a special place for their doings, it does not matter that there is cement, gravel, natural or artificial grass. If you will install artificial grass in the front of your house then they will need a short period to adapt to it, especially if they are accustomed with playing on natural grass. But you should not worry, because pet waste does not damage the state of the artificial grass, and you will have no issues in cleaning it. Artificial grass is permeable and the urine of your dog and other fluids will drain through it. Actually, you should know that many homeowners choose to install small sections for pet potties, even if they have natural grass on the rest of the yard.

You can easily deodorize and clean it

You will easily clean your pet droppings if you have artificial grass. You only have to scoop it off, as you would do if you would have natural grass, and then you have to hose the turf. You might think that urine odours will be challengeable to be removed. As many other surfaces artificial turf can trap odours. But you can use a vinegar mixture to remove them. Once dried the surface will smell no more.

It is not toxic for pets

There are cats and dogs that cannot resist the temptation to chew grass. You should know that artificial grass is less toxic than the natural grass treated with different products. This is the case for new grass, but if you have old artificial turf, it can be harmful to your pets if it is ingested. So if you see that they use to chew it, you should change it with new one.

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