Asian food you definitely need to try once in a lifetime

Asian food you definitely need to try once in a lifetime

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The Chinese cuisine is an extremely complex one, consisting of the tradition of eight separate subcultures: Cantonese, Anhui, Fujian, Hunan, Jiansu, Shangdong, Szechuan and Zhejiang. Being so diverse makes it impossible to recommend just a few recipes to try. Instead, taking some time to cook the food yourself by buying Japanese groceries online or from a local store can give you the possibility to eat unlimited Asian food. It won’t be complicated considering that they are based on common elements such as rice, noodles or stuffed dumplings. Here are some ideas to try out:


Xiaolongbao is a steamed dumpling that has a soup stuffing. To enjoy these dumplings without experimenting burns on your esophagus caused by the hot steam inside, you have to pinch them to let the steam come out, then carefully sip the soup from the inside and then just eat the dumpling and stuffing remained. The traditional stuffing consists of pork, and the soup is made of aspic liquefied by steam. However, nowadays there can be customized fillings for everyone’s tastes. They are especially prepared in the Shanghai area, but you can successfully prepare them at home if you are an Asian Foodie.

Dim Sum

Originally considered a certain kind of snacks served along with tea, Dim Sum are dumplings found in most restaurants, even on shops that sell on-the-go quick treats. Dim Sum are actually different types of dumplings stuffed with pork, beef, vegetables or shrimp. These dumplings are called differently, depending on the method of preparation and their filling. They can be steamed or roasted, depending on your preferences. The tradition began in ancient times, in a teahouse in southern China, in the area where the Cantonese dialect is spoken.

Chao Fan

Frying rice is cooked in most Asian countries, but it surely originates in China. It is most often prepared out of the remaining rice (cooked in the rice cooker), vegetables and pieces of different types of meat, mixed together in a wok pan, along with soy sauce and aromatic oils with various spices. Due to the fact that it is made from the remaining ingredients from other preparations, roasted rice can be combined in thousands of ways. You just have to find the combination that you prefer most.

Hot Pot

When talking about hot pot, you should think about the method by which certain ingredients are cooked. Here, the food is cooked directly at the table, where the central attraction is a soup saucepan, kept warm by mild fire. The ingredients chosen vary from region to region, but include thinly sliced ​​beef, noodles, egg dumplings, mushrooms, seafood, or vegetables. This technique of cooking food originated during the Jin Dynasty.

Moon Cake

China has four major festivals, one of which is called the Mid-Autumn Festival and takes place in September. During this festival, the cake of the month is considered an indispensable delicacy and is usually offered to friends and family. The moon-cake is one of the recipes you definitely need to try.


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