Things to Look for in a Whole House Water Filter

Things to Look for in a Whole House Water Filter

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The whole house water filter is the filtration system that you must connect to the main water line that enters your home. After you install it, the system will start cleaning the water that comes from all the taps in your home, ensuring the protection of your health, and keeping the pipes and appliances that run on water in a great shape. If you are considering installing a whole house water filter, you should first finish reading this article. Here, you will learn what you must look for when purchasing such a filtration system to make sure that you will spend your money on a top of the line model.
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What it removes from the water

Whole house water filters are either water softening units, or water filtration units. If you are confronted with issues regarding hard water, you should buy a water softening model. On the other hand, if hard water isn’t a big problem, and contaminants like iron, chemicals, chlorine, and sediment lurk in your water, you should buy a water filtration model that offers great performance in removing those particular contaminants. The performance of several water filters can be checked by viewing the results of the tests in terms of contaminants removal so you will clearly see how many impurities a certain model can remove and which is the best filtration method for your house. Analyze the comparison available on the website and decide which whole house water filter is the most efficient.

Flow rate

The flow rate of these filtration systems is measured in gallons per minute. The reason why it’s important to take the flow rate into consideration when buying a certain model is because it determines the amount of water available to run to your appliances, toilets, showers, and everything else around your home that requires water. The flow rate requirements for households generally range between 15-40 GPM, the actual rate depending on the size of the house and family.

Filter size

Filter size affects how the water will flow, and the pressure of the water as well. The larger the filter, the better because these stats will be high, and service interval will be longer as well. For most homes, the ideal filter size to go with is 4.5″ by 20″. On the other hand, if you have a large house and family, it’s best to go with larger filters that have a flow rate of at least 25 GPM.
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Port size

When searching for the right whole house water filter, make sure that the one you choose has a port size of 1″. It doesn’t matter if your home uses 3/4″ piping, the 1″ port size is still a great choice to go with because it doesn’t create any bottlenecks when it’s fitted onto the pipes. Therefore, make sure that you pay attention to the port size and that you go with a 1″ model for the water pressure to be constant.

Filter life

Last but not least, when buying such a filtration system, pay attention to its filter life. What we recommend that you go with are carbon filter cartridges that last enough to filter 100000-150000 gallons of water. Buying a model that has such a generous filter life is important because you won’t have to waste time and money replacing the filter cartridges too often.

Ultimate Water Ionizer Buying Guide

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Due to their high prices, water ionizers are not investments which should be taken lightly, therefore you shouldn’t rush in the store to buy the first model you see, but rather document yourself first on what you should look for and what makes a water ionizer the best.
Read the following lines if you want to find out everything there is to know about water ionizers, and after reading, by applying what you see in this guide, you can rest assured that the model you choose is the best for your needs.
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No matter the brand or design, all water ionizers will produce alkaline ionizer water, filtered water, or ionized acidic water. Therefore, the difference between water ionizers doesn’t stand in what they can do for you, but rather in their installation.
There are three types of water ionizer to choose from, countertop, undercounter, and convertible.
While the countertop and the convertible water ionizers are cheaper and a lot easier to install, it’s not the same with undercounter models.
Undercounter water ionisers are a lot more expensive than the other two types, and they are a little more difficult to install, but they have the great advantage that they don’t take up counter space, which is important for those who have limited space in their kitchens.


The number of plates is a clear indicator of the water ionizer’s quality, and the best thing you can do when you choose the model that you want to buy is to go for one that has a 9-plate or 11-plate unit.
Take in consideration the material from which the plates are made as well. The best quality material for water ionizer plates is definitely strengthened titanium that has been dipped in platinum for multiple times, and we advise you to not go for anything else if you want great performance and durability.


With great power comes great ionization, and if you want your water ionizer to be the best, it must have high power. This being said, you shouldn’t settle for less than 550 watts if you want the appliance to produce super pH levels and -ORP levels without additional help.
The additional help that was mentioned before is referring to buying a separate unit that adds a saline solution through a chemical injection port. It’s not recommended to use it, because it defeats the whole purpose of having the water ionizer, therefore rather than buying a separate unit which will do more harm than good, spend a little extra money and buy a quality water ionizer to handle the job properly.


Being an appliance that will make you leave the store without thousands of dollars in your wallet, it’s important to buy one that has a good warranty. After all, you don’t want to buy a model that costs $3000 every 2 years if it breaks.
The best option is to search for water ionizers that have lifetime warranty rather than settling for less, because they can suffer damages over time just as any other appliance, and with a lifetime warranty you will have it repaired or exchanged in a matter of days, being able to benefit from it again quickly.

3 Things You Should Know about Home Theater Projectors

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Home theater projectors are a popular choice when it comes to devices to have around the house due to the fact that they give the user a new perspective on playing games, and watching movies or television programs. The only problem with home theater projectors is that when you go to a store to find the perfect model, or when you search for it online, you will definitely be confronted with an overwhelming list of technical things you must take in consideration which you might not fully understand.
Read the following lines to find out which are the 3 things you must know about these devices before making the final choice in order to be sure that you are getting the best one for the money you are paying for it.
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1. Understanding the types of projectors

There are two types of home theater projectors available to choose from, the DLP and the LCD projectors.
Both of them have different benefits to offer to the user and various limitations which you must take in consideration to choose the right type.
Digital Light Processing, or DLP home theater projectors project their images by using mirrors.
The advantages of DLP projectors are that they produce a very smooth image, they are highly accurate without producing any shadows, they are the most affordable type of home theater projectors available, and they can have a high contrast ratio.
The disadvantages of DLP projectors are the fact that they are not as bright as the LCD projectors, they have a limited number of pixels, and that they can produce a rainbow effect across the screen.
Liquid Crystal Display, or LCD home theater projectors pass the light to project the image by using red, blue, or greed LCD panels.
The advantages of LCD projectors include the fact that they have good color saturation, they are very compact, and they have high brightness capabilities.
The disadvantages of LCD projectors are the fact that they are more expensive than the DLP types, in time their pixels die, their color uniformity is lower than the color uniformity of the DLP projectors, and that they lose image quality over time.

2. How the brightness affects the projector

The brightness of a home theater projector is measured in lumens, and projectors typically have between 800 and 3000 lumens.
When it comes to brightness, the image should be bright enough to be clear and sharp without fatiguing the eyes. In order to make the right choice when it comes to the number of lumens, you have to take in account the lighting in the room, and the size of the screen, because the larger the screen is, the more lumens are needed to provide the best quality picture.
Projectors that have under 1000 lumens are the least expensive models, and they are the best choice if you have a small screen and if the room that the projector will be used in is very dark, because they have a low output of light.
Models that have between 1000 and 2000 lumens should be used when you have a small to average sized screen, and when the room you intend to use them in is dimly lit.
Those that have between 2000 and 3000 lumens can handle any type of screen size, and they are more flexible when it comes to the lighting in the room as well, being the perfect choice for a room with ambient lighting.
The projectors that have over 3000 lumens are the most expensive ones, and they should be used in rooms where the lighting is normal, because they are very bright, a fact which makes them impossible to use in dark rooms.

3. How the resolution affects the picture

When it comes to the resolution of the projector, the higher the resolution is, the clearer and sharper the picture will be, therefore you must definitely pay attention to the number of pixels that the model projects in order to get the best quality home theater projector for your own use.
The 1280 x 720 resolution is found in projectors that come at affordable prices, and it provides good quality for DVD and Blu-ray videos.
Projectors that have a 1280 x 768 resolution work well with the 16:9 ratio videos, and they are the ideal choice for those who intend to project a computer system on the screen.
The highest resolution available for home theater projectors is the 1920 x 1080 resolution. The models that come with this resolution are indeed more expensive than the other models, but they still come at affordable prices, and they are the best choice for high definition formats such as Blu-ray, HDTV, and gaming systems.

How to Make a Good Cup of Coffee

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If you love coffee, it’s clear that you can’t start your day without enjoying a hot cup of your favorite brew. Coffee has become the most popular beverage in the world after water due to the fact that it gives the person drinking it a big boost of energy. As a coffee lover, you surely already own a coffee maker, preparing the beverage with it. But what you might not know is that there are certain rules for making a superior quality coffee. Therefore, if you want to brew the best coffee ever with the coffee maker, read the following lines to learn how to make a good cup of coffee.
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Buy fresh beans and keep them fresh

The beans that you make the coffee out of are extremely important for the final taste of the brew. For your coffee to taste perfect, the beans that you purchase must be fresh, and you have to do your best to keep them that way until consumption. Buy the coffee beans from a local roaster to make sure that you’re investing in a fresh product. Make sure that you avoid buying the beans from supermarket display bins because oxygen and bright light destroy the flavor of the roasted beans. Also, make sure that you store the beans properly to keep them fresh. The best container choices for keeping coffee beans fresh are ceramic storage crocks and glass canning jars.

Look for Arabica beans

Of course, certain types of beans are better than others. All coffee lovers agree that the 100% pure Arabica beans are the best on the market, having a rich taste and a great flavor. Therefore, if you want to drink great coffee every day, don’t cheap out and buy alternatives that contain Robusta beans. Look for pure Arabica beans because only they will give you the quality coffee that you deserve.

Grind before you brew

You might not know this, but coffee slowly loses its quality once you grind it. A secret to making the best quality coffee out there is to grind the coffee beans before you prepare the brew. Invest in an electric grinder for this task. When you want to drink coffee, just put the beans in the electric grinder, and put them in the coffee maker afterward to make the delicious brew.

Use clean, decontaminated water

The quality of the water that you use to prepare the coffee with is just as important as the quality of the beans. Seeing how tap water is filled with chlorine and contaminants, it’s not the best choice to go with when preparing coffee. To make sure that the water you use is of a great quality, install a water filter. The water filter will effectively remove the contaminants, ensuring that you will prepare the coffee with clean, decontaminated water.

Best Sound Machines for People who Suffer from Insomnia

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We all enjoy getting a good night’s sleep, one after which we wake up feeling ready to handle anything that is thrown our way that day, being happy and filled with energy. But how would it feel to not be able to enjoy this magnificent relaxing sleep?
Insomniacs have to deal with the problem of falling asleep extremely hard almost every night, and the few hours of sleep they catch do more harm than good to the way they feel when they start their day.
The worst part is that if insomnia isn’t treated as soon as possible, it can cause serious health problems, this being the most unpleasant side effect that the lack of sleep has on the human body.
Read the following lines to find out which are the best sound machines for people who suffer from insomnia, and if you or anyone you know suffer from insomnia, buy one of them and start using it right away to finally get a good night’s sleep.
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HoMedics SS-2000

The HoMedics SS-2000 comes at the price of $25, making it a real bargain if we take in consideration the fact that this soundmaker is one of the best out there.
It’s very convenient to use due to its automatic shut-off timer that can be delayed for 15, 30, or 60 minutes, giving you the ability to not waste energy or to consume its batteries for more time than it’s necessary.
The machine offers a set of six sounds that will efficiently make you fall asleep, which include thunder, rain, brook, summer night, ocean, and white noise.
All you have to do is to choose the sound you find to be the most appropriate for you to fall asleep on, and let the sound machine do its magic.
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Marpac TSC 330

This soundmaker from Marpac comes at the affordable price of $70, and it’s fit not only for home use, but you can carry it with you wherever you go due to its small size, being able to create the perfect sleeping environment anywhere you go.
The TSC 330 offers a range of white noise sounds that you can choose from that include rain, surf, and waterfall, being able to mask any disruptive background noises effectively, ensuring that your sleep won’t be disturbed by anything.
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Sound Oasis S-550-05

The Sound Oasis S-550-05 costs only $50, and it’s not only one of the best sound machines for insomniacs, but it has one of the most stylish and modern designs of all the sound machines available.
It can either be powered by batteries, or you can power it with the use of the AC adapter that comes with it, it’s made from plastic, it can be set to automatically shut off after 30, 60, or 90 minutes of running, and it creates the perfect sleeping ambiance with the use of its 6 authentic and extra long built-in sounds which include ocean surf, rain, wind, summer night, stream, and white noise.

Robot Vacuum Buying Guide

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For people who don’t have much time on their hands, vacuuming can be a real time-consuming activity, that can’t be avoided if you want to keep the house clean. But thankfully, we now have a solution for this problem, the robot vacuum. Now you can focus on doing other activities, while this easy to use and fun device cleans up your floors and carpets. Plus, it’s really fun to watch if you have a cat and it has joy rides on it while the robot is going around the room, cleaning. It is important to read robotic vacuum reviews in order to choose a quality unit, but first, you must know which features are worth investing it, so that you don’t buy an expensive product with a lot of useful bells and whistles. If you are wondering what to look for in a robot vacuum, read the following lines and find out.

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Suction power

It’s true that the robot vacuum doesn’t have as much suction power as the standard vacuum, but there are models that have a big enough suction power to do a decent job. According to most robotic vacuum reviews, suction power is a problem only when you have to vacuum carpets actually, and this isn’t such a big problem if you think about it, because even if you were to vacuum yourself, you wouldn’t get all of the dirt out of the fabric anyway. The best thing to do if you have carpets is to take them to a professional cleaner at least twice a year, because they use cleaning chemicals and they have better equipment with which they clean the fibers better. On the other hand, the robot vacuum does a perfect job at cleaning hard floors, that have no carpets.
A robot vacuum is necessary for people who have pets, like dogs and cats, that leave a lot of hair behind. No matter if you have carpets or not, animal hair is visible, and it’s unsanitary especially if there are small children in the household. They play a lot on the floor, and could accidentally ingest the hair, having health problems because of this.


The most important features that you have to look for when you pick what robot vacuum to buy are stair detection, programmable times, noise, charging, and virtual wall.
Stair detection allows the device to sense if it reaches a step or a ledge to back off from it, avoiding any damaging incident.
The programmable time allows you to set a certain time of the day, or in a certain day of the week for the robot vacuum to start cleaning. This comes in handy if you are away and you want to find everything spotless when you return.
If you plan on using the robot vacuum while you’re at home, look for a model that doesn’t make much noise, to avoid getting distracted or annoyed by the high-pitched whistle. They are indeed more quiet than the standard vacuum, but if you are to invest in this device, look for a silent one to enjoy peace and quiet for once when vacuuming is done.
One of the best features of the robot vacuum is that it detects when the battery charge is low, and it goes by itself to the charger for a refill of the battery. Therefore, no incidents can happen if you set it to clean while you’re away, avoiding you to come home and find the robot in the middle of the room with only half of the job done.
The virtual wall feature comes in handy if you want to restrict the robot’s access to certain areas. It creates an invisible barrier that you set, and that can’t be passed by the device.

Is it Worth Investing in an Expensive Massage Chair?

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Many people start having back pains and neck pains from an early age, because there are many adults who have desk jobs, and most of the children start to become addicted to the computer, sitting in inappropriate positions when they play. The massage chair is perfect to have around the house if you feel like you need relaxation for your mind, and massage for certain areas for your body, but with their prices ranging from 200$-300$ to thousands of dollars, it’s hard to make a decision on what type of massage chair you should spend your money on. Before heading to the store to buy an expensive massage chair, read the following lines to see if it’s really an investment worth making for you.
Is it Worth Investing in an Expensive Massage Chair? Picture

Do you have any medical problems that can be solved with a massage chair?

The first and most important thing you have to ask yourself before choosing a massage chair that is extremely expensive is the reason why you need it. If you only want to relax and relieve stress, it’s not worth it to spend $8000 on a massage chair, but if you have medical problems that can be solved with it’s help, it’s an investment that you surely won’t regret. For example, there are a lot of people who suffer from severe neck and back pains, and these people have to invest in a good massage chair that will efficiently take care of their whole body surface, and that has certain features and programs that can relieve their pains. Modern expensive massage chairs have auto-programs that are focused on your health, called Healthcare, and even if investing in such a model will set you back a pretty penny, you’re doing it for your health, therefore you shouldn’t cheap out. Also, people who do a lot of exercise, and especially those who are professional athletes should consider investing in an expensive massage chair, because they have muscle tension, which can be efficiently taken care of by the magnificent massage chair.

Do you have to make a financial effort to buy one?

If you don’t consider that you have medical problems, or they are not very severe, you shouldn’t spend thousands of dollars on a massage chair, but rather buy one of the cheaper models out there. The truth is that most people can’t afford to spend large sums of money on items like a massage chair, and it’s a shame to make a financial effort to buy an expensive model, when you can get quality at a decent price as well. To make a smart purchase, we advise you to visit There you will find reviews of both cheap and affordable massage chairs, so that you can choose one suitable for your budget.

We all have families, friends, dreams, and desires, but you should never put something like the massage chair in front of other needs and wishes, therefore don’t invest in an expensive model if it means that you have to make an effort for it. On the other hand, if you have the money for it, and buying one won’t set you back at all, spoil yourself and buy a massage chair with all the features and programs possible, but only if you can truly afford it.

Is It Worth Investing in a Laundry Dryer?

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Like any household appliance, the laundry dryer might be of great help, but it sets you back money-wise. This is why you have to make sure that investing in one is the best idea for you. To know if it’s worth your money or not, you have to know what it can bring to the table. Therefore, read the following lines to find out the answer to your question, and decide after reading whether you have to take a trip to the store, or keep your money safe in your wallet.
Is It Worth Investing in a Laundry Dryer? Picture

The clothes dry faster

When you let your clothes dry on the clothes line, it can even take hours for them to completely dry off, which is very annoying. In addition, during winter it’s even more inconvenient to dry them, because you have to dry them indoors, and the humidity in the air will increase to dangerous levels. With the laundry dryer, you don’t have to worry about what season it is, or what time of the day or night it is, because you simply throw the wet clothes in, and in about 30-90 minutes, depending on the option you choose, your clothes will be ready to be worn again.

It’s energy efficient

Contrary to what some believe, using a laundry dryer doesn’t mean you are consuming a high amount of energy. On the contrary, the most reliable dryers of the moment have energy-saving options which dry your clothes in half the normal time, and due to the fact that it doesn’t take the machine too long to dry them even if it isn’t on the energy-saving option, you can still say it doesn’t consume a lot of energy.
To make sure that the laundry dryer you are buying is truly a friend of the environment, you can look for the Energy Star label, or compare models with each other to see which is the most effective and which has the best options that could save time.

Clothes come out dry and wrinkle-free

This is probably the most spectacular part of owning a laundry dryer. This amazing machine doesn’t only dry your clothes, but due to some interesting features that the most reliable dryers have, it’s capable of getting out most of the wrinkles found on them. Therefore, you won’t have to spend too much time ironing your clothes, and some of them you can even wear as they look when you get them out of the dryer.

No increased humidity when the clothes are drying

People who dry their clothes indoors on a clothes line do it without knowing in what danger they are putting themselves every time they do this. As the clothes get dry, the water that was in them gets evaporated, and by breathing that incredibly humid air, you may have lung problems over time.
Even if you were to dry them in the basement for example, a room where you most probably don’t spend a lot of time, it still isn’t good for your health, because in the minutes when you are taking them off the clothes line you stand in that humid and dangerous air. In addition, high humidity is the perfect host for mold and mildew, meaning that beside having dangerous levels of humidity, you will inevitably have mold and mildew problems. They are dangerous for everyone, but they present an especially bigger danger for those who suffer from asthma or allergies.

Features to Look for when Buying a Radar Detector

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We all hate having to spend our hard earned money on speeding tickets, when we could be buying something for ourselves from them. Avoid spending money on fines, and invest in a radar detector to make sure you will never have this problem again. To know what features can help you the most when you go buying a radar detector, read the following lines.
Features to Look for when Buying a Radar Detector Picture

GPS navigation

With this useful and innovative feature, your radar detector is capable to announce you when you are approaching fixed speed cameras, speed traps, or red traffic lights. By doing this, it not only increases the functionality of the radar detector, but it protects you against various threats.
In addition, if you have the GPS navigation feature you will no longer need to clutter the dashboard, because it doubles as a GPS as well.

Radar detector range

The range from which the radar detector is able to detect the radar is very important for you to have enough time to slow down, and to not give you any false alarm.
It’s ideal for the radar detector to announce you about the presence of a radar from at least a mile away when you are on an open road, and from at least 0.25 miles when you are in an urban area that will inevitably have obstacles.
There are certain models that allow you to switch between “city” and “highway” mode to make sure you aren’t getting any misleading information.

Auto-learn function

Radar detectors that feature the auto-learn function are vital for people who mainly drive in an urban area, because the auto-learn function gives the device the capability to remember a certain area where it has read a false alarm for three times, and it will automatically dismiss it afterwards.
For example, a false alarm can occur when the automatic door of a building is being closed, and because there is heavy traffic when work ends, you will get a lot of false alarms if you don’t have this feature.
Features to Look for when Buying a Radar Detector Picture

POP system detection

Technology is evolving when it comes to the radar guns the police officers use, and for the radar detectors that the drivers use, seeming to be an endless dance.
As soon as the police started using POP modes on their radar guns, meaning that they were emitting a very short signal that seemed impossible to pick up, the constant fight of the most prepared between cops and drivers seemed to come to an end.
But this wasn’t the case, and fortunately most radar detectors today come with the POP system detection, making the technique used by the police officers useless once again.