Avoid these mistakes following a car accident

Avoid these mistakes following a car accident

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Being involved in a serious accident represents a traumatic experience for anyone, especially if we take into account physical injuries, emotional scarring, vehicle damages, medical expenses and lost wages. At that moment, the victim is happy for getting out alive and does not give much importance to other aspects. After all, nobody is prepared for such a frightening experience. However, this will cause many inconveniences on the long term that the victim has to face. If at some point in your life, you will find yourself in this type of situation, avoid these common mistakes.

Not reporting the accident

Some people avoid calling the police immediately after a car accident in hopes that they will be able to handle the situation on their own by discussing with the involved party. However, by doing this you will not benefit from a police report, which practically represents a strong evidence of the facts because it contains objective details regarding the crash and will be very useful if you want to prove the other person’s fault and the effects of his negligence. Especially if there are no witnesses, an official police report will prevent the culprit to get away unpunished.

Not taking pictures

If you have a camera or a phone within your reach, use it to take pictures of the crash, more exactly, different parts of both vehicles that clearly show the damages, skid marks and even debris surrounding the scene of the accident. If you did not suffer serious injuries, move around and take photos from various angles. Close-ups are not quite relevant because they usually do not capture enough evidence. Try to include building in the background or distinctive elements to prove that the photos were taken during that moment.

Not hiring a car accident lawyer

Probably the same people who choose to resolve the situation on their own believe that they can obtain a fair compensation without hiring a professional lawyer. This is obviously a huge mistake because you will never succeed to receive enough money in order to cover the physical suffering, medical bills and lost wages without the help of an Opa Locka car accident lawyer. He will make sure to share his extensive knowledge with you and make the right decisions during the process. If the case ends up in court, he will know exactly how to present the evidence in your favor and question the witnesses.

Trusting the insurance company

Following the car accident, you will most likely be contacted by the other driver’s insurance company, whose goal is to minimize your compensation. You should keep in mind that they are only trying to take advantage of your situation, especially if you failed to hire a lawyer and you should not trust them. After you read the doctor’s report and you assess the extent of your injuries, you will instantly realize the difference between their offer and the actual amount of money you deserve. By asking the help of an attorney, you have the certainty that he will face negotiations with the other party in order to get you a fair settlement.

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