Best European Travel Destinations for Couples

Best European Travel Destinations for Couples

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We all love travelling and we all look forward to seeing new places, meet new people and spend quality time with our partner. What could be more beautiful than spending a romantic holiday with your partner in Europe. There are lots of amazing places to visit, which will certainly take your breath away. Have a look at some of the best travel destinations for couples.

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Paris is known as an extremely romantic city, so a good idea would be to have Paris on top of your best European travel destinations list. Just imagine how amazing would be to have dinner with your partner on Champ Elysee. However, this would be just the beginning of your romantic holiday, because in Paris is plenty to do. From visiting famous museums like Louvre, to important art galleries and other amazing tourist sights. The view from the Eiffel Tour will certainly take your breath away. However, in case you don’t like spending too much time outdoors, you can invite your partner in one of the many romantic French restaurants. The beautiful parks are waiting for you to spend a beautiful and romantic afternoon with your loved one.


As a couple, you will have a perfect romantic holiday if deciding to go to Venice. The buildings architecture and the secret passageways that are everywhere, will certainly inspire you a romantic and mysterious feeling. Romance is without any doubt guaranteed if having an evening trip with a gondola on one of the amazing canals. You and your partner should definitely dine in one of the Italian restaurants and enjoy a good Italian wine. Don’t forget to buy red roses for your partner from the famous roses sellers which you will find everywhere in Venice.


In case you and your partner like heat, then Majorca could be a good choice in terms of travel destinations. This beautiful island has so many to offer. Starting with its views, continuing with its clear and amazing Mediterranean Sea, and finishing with all the relaxing and cheerful atmosphere that is on the island. A holiday with your partner in Majorca will be without any doubt, one to remember. You will definitely have one of the most romantic holidays in Majorca, Spain.


In case you want a less expensive holiday and yet romantic, then the Czech capital, Prague is highly recommended in terms of travel destinations for couples. This urban fairytale will offer you from famous museums to historical attractions, incredible re

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