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Interested in bulk tanks? This is how you choose a supplier

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Whether you are in need of bulk tanks or are interested in tank farm construction services that provide full completion, finding yourself the right company for your requirements is the first step to take. When it comes to bulk tank suppliers, just by searching on the web, you will be able to discover a plenitude of offers, so choosing one will not be the easiest thing to do. To simplify your choice, and to make sure you are getting the best support in this department, receiving some tips on the subject will certainly help you out, so keep reading to find out more:

Experience – longevity in the industry

What is the first thing that helps you figure out if a supplier is a right option or not, if they are trustworthy and reliable? Well, usually, experience or industry longevity are the things that indicate these characteristics. The longer the bulk tank supplier has been offering these types of services, the higher will be the chances of you being pleased with the support received in terms of tank farm construction or bulk tanks supplying. Because a firm would not had been able to stay in business for a long time if they were not offering the quality, promptitude, and reliability clients demand, longevity is a positive sign. This is one of the first aspects you should request information about when you are browsing through your offers.


Because it ultimately comes down to money, comparing prices from various suppliers is also something that will help you with your decision. Some providers might be more affordable than others, but at the same time those that charge a bit more might actually offer higher standards in terms of quality and reliability. So while you should not make money such an important factor in your decision, you can however seek a supplier that can be characterized by experience, reliability and affordability. One example is TDR Projects, known to excel in all of these departments.


Last but not least, you can always really on client testimonials if you are having difficulties making a choice. Knowing what others have to say about a particular firm can contribute to your decision. Client satisfaction should be valued by any bulk tank supplier, and in order to actually establish this particular detail, you can look online for impressions or even request the company directly to provide you with a few of their customer references. You will see how easy it will be to make a choice afterwards.

Because acquiring bulk tanks or engaging in a project of tank farm construction is not something that can be taken lightly, collaborating with the right company is a must. However, how can you know you are selecting right supplier, when the list of options you can choose from is so extensive? Well, the few guidelines mentioned above can be a great help when you are making this type of decision, so as long as you keep them in mind, you will not face any inconveniences.

What criteria you need to meet in order to obtain R&D tax credits

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Owning a business means you will have a lot of trouble keeping everything in order with taxes and other financial issues. Even though you might consider yourself documented on this topic, you would be amazed to hear that many people forget about the existence of refunds and credit claiming that you can make good use of. Being uninformed about these facts that usually do not get as much attention as other ones means that you will never be aware of the implications they bring to owning a business. For instance, research and development tax credits are one of the many types of credits business holders do not know about. What is paramount to know about R&D tax credits is the conditions your business will have to meet in order to obtain it. Here is a list with these requirements and what they are actually meaning:

Limited company

In order to be able to request R & D tax credits your company must be limited. What does that mean? Well, a limited company is private and it represents its own entity that will have one or more than one shareholders who obtain their position via private sales. The main benefit of private limited companies is that they are producing goods with smaller production costs and receive great profits. In addition to that, any limited company business holder may apply for the aforementioned R & D credit.

UK registration

Setting up a private limited company is not complicated at all. You can actually do it online on the official government website, where you will need to fill up some forms and follow a list of steps. Among these steps you will be finding each and every measure you need to take as a new business in a certain industry from setting your private limited company up to registering for a corporation tax. As a new business owner you will need to provide the name of your company, its address, the name of the actual director/directors, additional details about your company’s shareholders, the SIC code etc. The registration can be done online for a small amount of money via a credit card or PayPal account. The registration will take place in less than 24 hours, so the whole process is not as complicated as you may have thought.

GAAP accounts

The Generally Accepted Accounting Principles, also known as GAAP, is a set of financial standards. Companies that are looking for obtaining tax credits or any other kind of loan should consider informing about these accounts. Any company that owns such an account will be granted with much more credibility, given the fact that GAAP criteria are standard and quite strict. The main reason why any private limited company should take into account GAAP accounts is the assurance they are offering for eventual further action in the financial sector. These accounts will cover any balance sheet, income data, financial note or disclosure a business may need, summing up the financial status of a company.

7 Reasons Why Epoxy Flooring is the Best Choice for Industrial Spaces

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Choosing a flooring solution for an industrial space can be very difficult, as there are countless matters to consider. From price considerations, to durability and maintenance, you must make sure that your new floor will handle the specific needs of your business. While there are many flooring solutions for industrial spaces, epoxy coating is by far the best choice. In what follows, we will explain to you why this type of floor is ideal for any type of industrial space.

1. Easy and fast installation

While installing an epoxy floor isn’t exactly a DIY project, compared to other industrial floors, epoxy coatings can be installed without too much hassle, and in a decent amount of time. Ideally, they should be installed on a concrete slab, but any other porous surface can work.

2. Durability

If they are installed properly, epoxy floors can last dozens of years. They are very hard to damage, and they resist oil stains as well as harsh chemicals. This makes them perfect for manufacturing plants, but also for sterile spaces, as you can disinfect the floors with any chemicals.

3. Easy maintenance

Epoxy flooring solutions are meant to resist heavy traffic and you don’t have to worry too much about their maintenance. Due to their glossy surface, they can easily be wiped with any mop or cloth. Occasional chips and cracks can easily be masked with paint. Moreover, the epoxy coating will prevent the wear of the initial concrete floor.

4. Increased brightness

Since most industrial spaces can be quite dark, it pays to invest in an epoxy floor coating. The glossy surface can increase a room’s brightness by as much as 200%.

5. Versatile design

If you have any design concerns, you should know that epoxy flooring solutions can be extremely versatile. There are numerous finish combinations to choose from, and you can even combine different patterns to create driveways or to mark other work areas.

6. Anti-slip surface

Employee safety should be a major concern for any business. Accidents can happen in any environment, but they are more likely to happen in industrial spaces where there is a lot of physical work involved. As such, all industrial floors should have anti-slip properties. Not only do epoxy floors provide an anti-slip surface, but they are also heat and fire resistant.

7. Environmentally friendly

Nowadays, consumers are more and more concerned with Eco-friendly solutions. If you want to promote yourself as an Eco-friendly business, make sure that your working space is also environmentally friendly. Luckily for you, epoxy floors pose no threat to the environment.

The ins and outs of selling a car

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Have you decided to replace your car with a larger or perhaps better model? If so, the first step is selling the one you currently own, and thus afford making the upgrade. However, once you see how many cars similar to yours are already available on the market, you will figure out that the process of selling your property can in fact be more complicated than you have thought. Well, there are a few things you can do to make things easier and just by searching sell my car Maryland on the internet, you will come across some great alternatives. Here are the most relevant aspects to learn about a car sale process:

Repairs are not always a good investment

If your windshield needs a replacements, or perhaps there are some malfunctions you need to fix in order to sell your vehicle, you can do that, but before spending a fortune on repairs, you should think about them very carefully. Sometimes, investing money to make your vehicle more appealing might be a bad decision, because the money you might end up receiving may not provide you with the financial returns you were expecting for those repair costs. Sometimes, it is better to sell your car just the way it is, and avoid taking a financial risk and face complications, even if you might have to settle for a lower amount.

Don’t have unreasonable expectations

If you’re waiting to get more than the usual second hand market value for your car, then you should know you might not end up selling it at all. It is normal for you to desire to get as much money as possible for your property, but setting unreasonable expectations will only come with disappointments, so try to maintain your price offer negotiable and reasonable.

Think about selling to a professional cash buyer

There are many people out there who are not aware of the opportunity of selling their property to a cash buyer. What a cash buyer does is provide you with an immediate offer for your vehicle, regardless of the way it looks or in what condition it is, and if you are satisfied with the financial deal provided, you can sing a contract then and there and also receive your check on the spot. Professional cash buyers have become an extremely popular option among car sellers, making the entire process a bit easier. This option is certainly one worth your consideration, especially if you are in need of money as quickly as possible, and do not want to face the complications usually involved in a regular car sale process. Do a bit more research on the topic, and if you understand the benefits of this option, search for a reputable and trustworthy company that provides professional car buying services.

Selling a car is not exactly the easiest process, and considering the wide range of offers already available on the market, finding a buyer can take you quite some time, so knowing a few useful guidelines on the topic will help you out. From considering the possibility of selling the vehicle to a professional cash buyer, to avoiding investing in unnecessary upgrades, these are the most important aspects you should know when you are interested in selling your car.

What you should look for when selecting a pre-owned forklift

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If you are running a business that implies moving bundles of heavy materials, unloading cargo or retrieving pallets at a warehouse, then you definitely need to use a forklift. Forklifts are some of the most efficient pieces of equipment you can use in these situations, because they come in different models, and can be used in different purposes. But if you plan to buy one, then you should do some market research, because there are many models from which you can choose. You should check the models offered by Gwent Mechanical Handling, because they have a wide range of equipment you can use.  If you find yourself in this situation, then you may ask yourself if you should buy a diesel, electric, dual fuel or LPG powered one. In case you want to purchase a pre-owned forklift, there are some things you should look for.

Check the mast and forks

You should begin the inspection by checking the front of the equipment. You have to see if the forks feature cracks, bends or other similar distortions, because overloading can cause any one of them. You should not buy the forklift if it features cracks, but in case of minor bends, you can have the forks straightened. If the forklift features large cracks then it would be unsafe to use it, when it is loaded to its full capacity. Also, you should check if the heels have signs of wear.

Inspect the lift chains, mast rails and cylinders

When you finish the inspection of the forks, you should check if the mast rails have welds or cracks, because they can affect the structural integrity of the equipment. Also, it is important to check if the mast rollers feature signs of excessive wear. One sign would be if they would not have a round form but a compressed oval shape. Furthermore, you should follow the length of the lift chains, because you should check if there are missing or damaged links. In addition, you should check the lift chains and the hoses, because you have to make sure that the tension is equal distributed. Also, you should check if there are signs of damage or leaks at the hoses and chains from the tilt cylinders.

Canopy, cowling and frame

You should walk around the equipment and check if its body has signs of damage. Also, make sure that you check the both sides of the forklift, because it is important to inspect the cowling. You have to make sure that the canopy main supports are not damaged and they do not feature any beads. If the canopy is damaged, it will not be able to protect the operator in event of a rollover or dropped load. In case you want to buy a forklift with an enclosed cab, then you should check if the windows are damaged or if it has any missing ones. Pay attention to the welds when you inspect the chassis, and make sure to check the wheels and tires.


Tips for negotiating with debt collectors

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As surprising as it may seem, debt collectors are willing to let you pay less than you were supposed to. They are open to negotiations, especially when it comes to credit card cases. So, if you cannot afford to pay your account in full, do not threat. You can solve your problems. Debt collectors in London will allow you to make an affordable payment. When it comes to negotiating with a debt collection agency there are some tips you need to know. This is how to negotiate for a lower settlement or payment.


Figure out how much you can pay

It is important to determine how much you can afford to pay. To know how much you can realistically afford, review your budget. Managing the numbers in your budget means figuring out how much money you spend. What you can do is use an online calculator. This handy tool allows you to access the numbers in your budget from everywhere.

Convince the debt collectors it is in their best interest to settle your accounts

Debt collectors that respect themselves will not agree to strike a settlement from the very beginning. They do whatever it takes to get back the entire sum of money. convince the debt collectors that it is to their advantage to settle your accounts. Unpaid invoices hurt the business and little money is better than no money. You will not go through much trouble trying to convince the collections agency. You do have power in you and it would be a shame not to use it. Debt collectors want your money, so who do you think has leverage? You, of course.

Get the agreement in writing

You have reached an agreement with the debt collectors. Good for you. It is now necessary to get the agreement in writing. The last thing you should do is make a payment without having a solid guarantee that you will not be asked for more money in the future. The point is that you should not let negotiations up in the air. Mistakes always happen when the parties understand what they want. So, make sure that everything is laid down in writing.

What you have to keep in mind is that debt collectors are not bad people. They are open to striking deals, even if this means they collect less money. Do your due diligence and do not come unprepared to the negotiations. Use our tips.

Security Laminates and Passes: Why Quality Counts

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While it’s not to say that most businesses have a lackadaisical attitude when it comes to security, there are often certain areas that go overlooked or ignored. Or if not ignored entirely, then somewhat underestimated in terms of their importance.

Take for example security laminates – a common feature across an extraordinary proportion of businesses and industries alike. For obvious reasons, it is often important to make it clear who does and does not work for the company, who is permitted access to which specific areas of the building and so on and so forth. The simple fact of the matter is that in any instance where security is of importance, these kinds of identification features may also be of critical importance.

Nevertheless, it is not uncommon to come across businesses at all levels which despite using these kinds of security features a little to no attention to their quality. While some outsource the design and production process to the lowest bidder, others even go so far as to produce their own security laminates in-house. In both instances, there’s no disputing the fact that doing so can certainly lead to savings.  But at the same time, it also means sacrificing the quality of the laminates themselves, which could prove problematic in a number of ways.

There will always be those who write-off higher-priced security laminates and the like as unnecessary expenses that can and should be avoided. Nevertheless, there are certain advantages that come with professional documentation and forms of identification like this, which simply cannot be accessed by cutting corners on quality.

Three key examples of which are as follows:

1. A Professional Appearance

First of all, it’s worth bearing in mind that these kinds of ID cards and tags are about far more than security alone. Of course their primary purpose may be to bolster security, but at the same time it’s the smaller details like these that’s a great deal about your business as a whole.  When it comes to clients, customers, site visitors and largely anyone else you happen to come across, a professional appearance in every respect goes a long way. Which is something that is difficult to achieve if you are wearing or using the kinds of security laminates that look as if they have been thrown together by amateurs.

It’s the little details like these that add up to a big difference when it comes to first impressions.  Given the fact that outstanding quality security laminates are far from prohibitively expensive, there’s really very little to gain by cutting corners on quality.

2. Long-Term Durability

Something else to bear in mind is the way in which lower quality IDs and documentation like this often represents false economy.  Specifically, due to the way in which while you may be making decent enough savings in the immediate moment, they will probably be augmented further down the line when it comes to repeat orders. Security laminates and similar items that are created to the highest possible quality standards are designed to be as durable as possible and to stand the test of time.  Others, by contrast, are prone to falling apart in no time at all, increasing the likelihood of having to re-purchase them on a regular basis.

It’s the classic case of ‘buy right, buy once’ – quite the opposite of purchasing the lowest-quality items available and finding yourself having to buy constantly.

3. Minimal Chance of Forgery

Last but not least, perhaps the single most important benefit when it comes to higher quality products is the way in which the more advanced the design and manufacturing technology, the lower the likelihood of unauthorised alterations or forgeries.  These days, it’s worth remembering that even the most basic on computer systems are technologically advanced enough to accurately replicate a wide variety of common security laminate designs. Not only this, but examples that have been relatively poorly put together from the start are often spectacularly easy to alter in a wide variety of ways.

Given the fact that security laminates exists for the primary purpose of enhancing and controlling security, it really doesn’t make sense to take chances on anything that may result in the exact opposite. Especially when considering the fact that superior quality examples are far from unaffordable these days.


Tips to prevent wrinkling during deep drawing

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In case you are interested in the deep drawing process, and you want to establish a business based on it, you should make sure that you provide your clients high-quality products. During the deep drawing, a punch pushes the metal sheets into a form, and the result is a part with a defined contour. For a product to be considered deep drawn its depth has to be half of the item’s diameter. In case the depth of the depth does not have this size then the item is made with deep drawing stampings, and the process is called general stamping. There are many companies that use deep draw stampings to manufacture a wide variety of household products, such as battery casings, soup cans, kitchen sinks and even fire extinguishers. During the deep draw manufacturing process, there are involved multiple operations, according on how complex the items resulted is. However, as a manufacturer you have to be sure that your products will not be deformed by wrinkling, because it is crucial to provide only high-quality products to your partners and customers.


What causes wrinkling?

For being able to fix this issue, you have to know what the factors that lead to wrinkles in the deep drawn items are. Here is a list with the most important ones:

  • Die cavity radius and depth
  • Blank holder pressure
  • Friction between the blank holder, blank, die cavity and punch
  • Resulted part geometry
  • Blank thickness and shape
  • Punch speed

There are also factors as the alloy of the blank and the die temperature that will influence the drawing process, so make sure you pay attention to all of them.

What methods can I use to prevent wrinkling?

If you are looking for a simple method, then you should use a blank holder. During the deep drawing process, a blank holder pressure is applied. But if you are using a hydraulic or pneumatic blank holder cushion you can vary the pressure linearly over the action made by the machine. During the drawing action, you can use a numerically controlled die cushion to provide a variable pressure. In addition, you can use the die cavity design method. The design of the die cavity and punch can be optimized in such a way to reduce the probability of wrinkling. One option would be to choose a large enough flange radius, which will minimize the potential of wrinkles and will prevent cracking. Also, you should know that sometimes asymmetry works. If you opt for a multi-step drawing process, you will minimize the probability to obtain wrinkled deep drawn parts. The potential of wrinkling can be reduced if the excess material is minimized. The stresses of the metal blank will vary according to the orientation of the grain and of the design of the die. You should consider adjusting the grain to obtain an asymmetrical design.

What other factors should I consider?

If you want to improve the overall performance, then you should tailor the surface conditions of every one of the components. You can use lubricants to reduce the friction between the punch, blank and die cavity. You should apply lubricants to the blank before starting the deep drawing process.

How to Use Different Types of SEO

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If you did not know this by know there are different types of SEO you can use. There are so many ways to improve your website for the search engine. When you put in practice all this methods you should stick only to the ones who are legit. If one company wants to use methods which are not appropriate and fare you should not take the project. Here we are going to present to you some steps on how to learn the types of SEO.

How to Use Different Types of SEO Picture

The first thing that you should do is learn the concept known as black hat SEO, also known as the bad side of the search engine optimization. This method basically means deceiving not only costumers but search engines too. The specialist uses methods called spamdexing and cloaking. On short term they turn out to be the perfect methods for ones website but on long term is can be frustrating due to the low ratings.

The next concept on our list is keywords. When you are working with SEO it is mandatory that you know the usage of keywords. This words we call keywords are the ones which any website should have. When a user searches something or a website he uses keywords which is why your keywords should be present in the first 70 words. By doing this you website will appear in the top searches.

Another thing which influences the rating of a website are the inbound links. This type of links are an alternative way to raise your website rank in search engines. To make it more clear, an inbound link means a link from one website leading to your website. The key is to have as much inbound links as possible because this way the popularity of your website raises.

Another alternative to raise the popularity of your website is to create articles for syndication. All you have to do is write the articles and share them on other websites, the key is to make the articles as unique as possible.

Another type of SEO is the one which involves writing press releases and sending out news letters. By doing this you will make your website known and people will access it. The news letters will announce people about your website and let other people know. Make sure that you create a site map.

This is how you can use different types of SEO for your platform.

How to Add SEO Techniques to Your Website

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If you want to increase the presence of your website online all you have to do is use a couple of techniques. Adding SEO techniques on your website will increase the number of clicks on your website. The goal of any platform owner is to have his site as higher as possible in the search engine results. If you want to know how you can improve your visibility in the search engine result we are here to tell you what you can do. The first thing you can do is pay to be in the top engine searches, this method is called sponsorship placement. This is a method which cam be applied if you have a large budget and a lot of time. Another alternative which is sure to increase the visibility of your website are a couple of development techniques.

How to Add SEO Techniques to Your Website Picture

One technique which you can use is the user friendly technique. It is very important that search engines generate clicks on your website because these click mean money. This clicks are made by people which is why when you construct the content of your platform your top priority should be the user.

Another thing that you can do is write down a keyword list. When you write the list you should have in mind the needs of your potential visitors. A good exercise is to write down keywords which you think users would write when they are looking for something. This will be very useful for you because you will learn how to anticipate the needs of the users. If you need help in getting some keywords you should try using Yahoo Search Marketing or Google Ad Words.

It is very important to maintain a good navigation on your website. The more time a user spends on your site the better. Search engines count the amount of time a user spends on your website till he goes back to the search engine. So, if a user spends a lot of time on your site than this means that the keywords provided were useful thus moving your site higher. What you can do is make a great navigation system on your platform in order to keep the user as long as possible on your domain.

Another useful SEO technique is writing useful page titles. Each page should have an individual title because search engines do not track only front pages. – Taking mail forwarding services to a whole new level

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IBEX, the legal owner of is continuously improving their mail forwarding and logistics services, as well as their client relations services, by investing in advanced technology.

IBEX, the legal owner of, is taking a new approach to logistics and mail forwarding services, becoming a prominent company in the industry. Besides improving their services, the company puts an incredible accent on client relationships, which are continuously improved and consolidated by IBEX. The results are becoming noticeable, as the levels of positive client feedback are continuously increasing. The company aims to improve their services even further, by creating a more fluent work flow inside the company in terms of logistics management and accurate mail forwarding services. Trained to put the customer’s needs at the top of their priorities, the employees at IBEX are delivering measurable results. Because clients are an essential part of the company’s activity, maybe the most impressive department that runs inside the company is the Quality Control department.


Unlike the employees working at various other rival companies, the employees at IBEX receive continuous training on how to improve their work and the company’s services overall. The company puts continuous efforts into improving their security levels, turn client feedback into usable data in order to improve their services, upgrade the equipment and work flow, in order to deliver better services and increase the client’s levels of satisfaction.

However, the fast-growing company is more than impeccable client relationships and quality services. It is all about incredible logistics services. With an advanced logistics management system, the company succeeds at creating a coherent work flow and optimizing it in order to reduce the time parameters needed on average to reach their destinations. The clients using the services at know exactly where their parcel is located, as the company has recently implemented a smart and responsive Notification system, using a smart and advanced communication interface. Of course, more traditional communications outlets are provided by the company, such as e-mail, telephone and so on. But the smart communication interface is becoming the preferred communication outlet for more and more clients.

The protocols followed by the logistics team at this particular company are complex, in order to assure an impeccable shipment process for each client. This way, the company provides various ways in which each shipment can be managed, at the client’s request and orders. Obviously, the company strictly follows the protocols presented by each client, which makes the company unique in the mail forwarding and logistics management industry. These accurate protocols are not only helping client to know exactly what is happening with their parcels, but also helps the employees working here to cut out the processing times usually necessary in the industry.

By investing in optimizing the work flow inside the company, IBEX has one of the most advanced Transportation Management systems implemented until now. This incredible system offers tracking data, as well as shipment updates and important information regarding each parcel.

Given all the aspects that make this company so good at what they are doing, people and corporations should start considering third-party shipment services as part of their lives, through the company’s official website,

How to Understand Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

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If you have a job which requires you to produce websites than it is mandatory that you know what search engine optimization means. The SEO is not an exact science mainly because there are so many different opinions on how it works. However there are precise guidelines meant to guide you way to a well placed website in the search engine’s results.

How to Understand Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Picture

In this area of business it is said that common sense is the best way to do it, it is not in your best interest to force things just because experts say so. For example, if getting your keywords included a certain number of times means that you will have a page very hard to read that you should not do it. When you write information in your website you should always have in mind that those information will be read by users who will not appreciate an unnatural and hard to read text, they want a smooth flowing text.

Because the meta tags have been abused in the search engines you should keep your usage to a minimum. Include in your HTML documents only basic meta tags. The robots meta tag should only be used as a indexer, to indicate that the page is not indexed.

It is preferable that you place your keywords in the title at the beginning, it is more effective if you place it there. Also make sure that you construct your title in the head section of the document. You can also include secondary keyword but just as long as they do not interfere with the flow of the text.

The keywords should be inserted in the page in such a way that you get up to 5% overall density. The simplest example is when you have a text of about 250 words, the best way to get a 2% density is to include the keyword 5 times in the text.

Another advice is that you construct your main page in such a way that the keyword appears twice in the first paragraph, two times in the second paragraph and after that scattered around the rest of the text. Keep in mind that the main key for the page should appear in the very first sentence of the text.

It is preferable that the text you include in you website to be between 250-600 words, 250 being the minimum accepted.