Chiropractic therapy in car accident recovery

Chiropractic therapy in car accident recovery

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A car accident that results in injuries is a traumatic event. Oftentimes, these injuries are hard to treat and leave the victim with excruciating pain, as well as, in many cases, with dependency of painkillers, unfortunately. None of these circumstances is an ideal one. However, many car accident victims discovered the benefits of chiropractic treatments. Some of the best chiropractors Colorado Springs helped thousands of car accident victims to recover in an efficient, and painkiller free fashion after such events. However, let’s see which are some of the most common injuries that emerge from such events, and how a chiropractor could help.

Common car accident injuries

Regardless of the fact that you were involved in a rear-end car accident, a side sweep or a front collision, several serious injuries appear oftentimes.

  • Herniated disk.
  • Broken bones.
  • Ligament and tendon tears.
  • Spinal cord injuries.
  • Dislocated disc.
  • Muscular sprain and strains.
  • Muscle contusion.

These injuries are all painful and hard to recover from, and they oftentimes leave the victim unable to live a normal and pain-free life. Depending on each injury, the rehabilitation time might be prolonged. In many cases, there are necessary surgeries for remediating these issues. In these cases, the recovery time necessary for each patient will expand considerably. An abrupt stop of a vehicle might cause internal organ bruising, whiplash, serious injuries in legs and arms. And although there might be collisions at a low velocity, the injuries emerging from them are always lasting and painful. This is why many former car accident victims turn their attention to less traditional forms of therapy, such as chiropractic treatments.

How could chiropractic treatments help car accident victims?

Injury rehabilitation is a highly important step to follow after the patient is allowed to attend rehab classes. Chiropractors are a popular alternative because they have the ability to identify a multitude of injuries that other specialists are unable to spot. Their approaches help victims to reduce the rehabilitation time, due to their surgery and painkiller-free approaches. Their strategies oftentimes consist of a lifelong plan to reduce pain caused by car accident injuries. For instance, in back pains that emerge from car accidents, chiropractors will develop a healing plan that oftentimes consists of a mix of physical therapy, hot and cold therapy, electrical stimulation and massage therapies, as well as a personalised exercise plan to improve the posture and reduce the pain experienced by the patient. Chiropractors dedicate themselves to finding solutions for improving their patient’s quality of life by limiting the amount of medication and reducing the pain in an untraditional, yet highly effective fashion. In whiplash’s case, a chiropractor will manipulate the neck muscles in the opposite direction in which the injury occurred for correcting their position and adjusting the joints in a healthy posture.

As you can easily notice, chiropractors are highly trained specialists, their main field of activity being treating former car crash victims and finding personalised therapies for each case.


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