Dare with a cocktail – a different kind of Christmas party

Dare with a cocktail – a different kind of Christmas party

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Have you ever wondered why Christmas party are always the same? If yes, then you are probably tired of the same cliché parties you’ve ever been to and you desire to try something new. Well, be happy to hear that there is a way to change your perception of Christmas parties and try something new. This type of party you are going to read about in this article include Christmas Cocktails, a lot of entertainment and daring outfits. Even though you might consider it a bit unconventional, this type of party will definitely make you want to attend one more next year. Check out these amazing ideas to try on holidays:

New drinks

Got bored of drinking the same things over and over again? Well, look for parties that include lots of drinks you’ve never tried before. Are you a fan of cocktails? Then include them in your Christmas night and it will become much better than you used to remember it. Try the classic Bloody Mary or opt for a Pumpkin Pie Martini. Whatever you feel like it would introduce you to the holiday spirit works. Be daring and taste a little from each thing you desire. After all, this is a night you will have to remember as getting you out of the routine you are so eager to get rid of.

New food

The same goes for food. Trying out new food that people usually do not eat on the holy Christmas night can be more entertaining than you think. Are you a person who avoids fast food during the entire year? Then this is the time you might be able to allow yourself a hamburger. Get creative and do whatever feels good for you. Yet, don’t forget that this is a special night that still has to be spiritual at some level. Find a balance between fulfilling your desires and respecting the tradition and Christmas will become a holiday you expect dearly.

New outfits

On the Christmas day, you will see people dressed the same way as they do each year. It’s time to put an end to it. Dress as fancy as you like, but add a Christmas hint to it. If you definitely want to avoid the Santa themes, go for one of Tim Burton’s movies or Buddy the Elf. Think of something you find attractive and combine it with the outfit you choose. In case you host the party yourself, you can set a dress code, so everyone will dress in a specific way and will get this party out of anonymity. Doesn’t that sound amazing?

New decor

You should definitely maintain the Christmas tree tradition, but you can add something new to it as well. Have you seen how popular Mariah Carey is during this time of the year? If you like the idea, you can try setting up a decor as if it were one of the big artist’s concert. It will definitely surprise the guests and you can combine it with a dress code.



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