Does France offer the most opportunities for the unemployed?

Does France offer the most opportunities for the unemployed?

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Whether you have been living in France for three months or three years, losing your job is certainly not a pleasant situation to go through. However, you are luckier that many residents from other countries, because France is one of the best locations to lose your job, considering the high level of support they are offering in this department. If this is the first time you have been in this situation while living in this country, you probably do not know much about what the government can offer you, so learning a few tips will most certainly help you out. Here are the reason why France is considered one of the best places to be unemployed:

A maximum of three years of unemployment benefits

In comparison with other countries, let’s say the UK (which offers unemployment support for a maximum of 6 month), in France, you will be supported through a period of maximum 3 years, which is certainly more than you could ask for. The government understand that finding a new job might not be that easy for all residents, so as long as you prove you are seeking employment, you will receive an unemployment leave even up to 3 years. When contacting the Pole Emploi to actualiser situation 93, the specialists there will provide you with more details about this particular aspect.

Reasonable financial support

Besides the impressive period of time you are entitled to certain perks, the financial benefits provided to you throughout your unemployment period are certainly not ones to neglect. You will not have to worry that you do not have enough money to pay your rent and still afford the standard expenses of living in France. With even up to 6,100 euros per month in payments, your quality of life will not be in any way affected if you have lost your job. The financial support received is a more than reasonable one, preventing you from dealing with high pressure and stress during your job hunting process.

Numerous training opportunities

Because in some fields, the number of available jobs are limited, perhaps seeking opportunities in a new domain will be required. The Pole Emploi can help you with this aspect as well, putting at your disposal the chance to undergo free training in various domains. You can receive both professional and language training, and thus reach a wider list of job opportunities, increasing your chances of becoming once again employed in a shorter period of time. The French government does everything possible so the unemployed can get back on their feet quickly after losing their job.

Considering these relevant details, you can clearly conclude why France might be the perfect country to be unemployed. With great unemployment support and help finding new career opportunities, the government of France stands at your disposal with the solutions you need to prevent worrying about your unemployment situation. Now that you know more on the topic, you can overcome the stress that losing your job might have cause you, and take advantage of what the Pole Emploi has to offer.

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