Features to Look for when Buying a Radar Detector

Features to Look for when Buying a Radar Detector

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We all hate having to spend our hard earned money on speeding tickets, when we could be buying something for ourselves from them. Avoid spending money on fines, and invest in a radar detector to make sure you will never have this problem again. To know what features can help you the most when you go buying a radar detector, read the following lines.
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GPS navigation

With this useful and innovative feature, your radar detector is capable to announce you when you are approaching fixed speed cameras, speed traps, or red traffic lights. By doing this, it not only increases the functionality of the radar detector, but it protects you against various threats.
In addition, if you have the GPS navigation feature you will no longer need to clutter the dashboard, because it doubles as a GPS as well.

Radar detector range

The range from which the radar detector is able to detect the radar is very important for you to have enough time to slow down, and to not give you any false alarm.
It’s ideal for the radar detector to announce you about the presence of a radar from at least a mile away when you are on an open road, and from at least 0.25 miles when you are in an urban area that will inevitably have obstacles.
There are certain models that allow you to switch between “city” and “highway” mode to make sure you aren’t getting any misleading information.

Auto-learn function

Radar detectors that feature the auto-learn function are vital for people who mainly drive in an urban area, because the auto-learn function gives the device the capability to remember a certain area where it has read a false alarm for three times, and it will automatically dismiss it afterwards.
For example, a false alarm can occur when the automatic door of a building is being closed, and because there is heavy traffic when work ends, you will get a lot of false alarms if you don’t have this feature.
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POP system detection

Technology is evolving when it comes to the radar guns the police officers use, and for the radar detectors that the drivers use, seeming to be an endless dance.
As soon as the police started using POP modes on their radar guns, meaning that they were emitting a very short signal that seemed impossible to pick up, the constant fight of the most prepared between cops and drivers seemed to come to an end.
But this wasn’t the case, and fortunately most radar detectors today come with the POP system detection, making the technique used by the police officers useless once again.

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