Get a taste of that Indiana Jones lifestyle with a metal detector

Get a taste of that Indiana Jones lifestyle with a metal detector

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Those movies with Indiana Jones hunting treasures in those amazing places have definitely marked your childhood and made you dream with your eyes open to the day when you can do the same thing as seen in the movies. Well, with an appropriate metal detector, you can actually make your dreams come true, especially if you read some accurate reviews on websites such as and choose the right metal detector for you. Here is how you can take the most out of this Indiana Jones lifestyle.

First metal detector? Keep these in mind

If it is the first time you are going to use a metal detector, then you have to pay great attention to which one you are going to buy, since the wide variety of gadgets available on the market may make this decision quite challenging and time-consuming. However, if you start with reading some detailed reviews on some of the most popular choices people make when it comes to metal detectors and you compare the devices to determine which one would best suit your needs and interests, the entire process may seem less stressful. The one you are about to buy should be designed for beginner use specifically and it should also have the sniff feature available as well, because this is going to help you differentiate between treasure and useless metal items.

Here is where you can use the device

Once you have the device in your hand, you may be tempted to go around the house and the neighbourhood searching for hidden treasure, but you should know that these places may not be as productive as you think. Experts in the domain recommend using metal detectors in areas where chances for people to lose valuable objects such as watches, coins or jewelleries are much higher and probably the best example in this case is the beach. You can also try around high activity areas such as schools, playgrounds or parks, since many people come to these places every day and many of them tend to lose valuable objects here. However, if you decide to metal detect around these places and if you want to return the following day to the same place to continue the search, make sure you do not leave any trace, because other professional metal detectors may notice it and may actually steal your treasure.

Enjoy it!

Even though metal detecting is considered by many a great way to round their monthly income, it is still important to remember enjoying it to the fullest. You should not let yourself driven by emotions, or thinking that if you did not find anything valuable that day is a day wasted, since this is not going to help you in any case, and what is most important, it will not give you that taste of the Indiana Jones lifestyle.

Overall, these are some useful tips you should keep in mind in case you want to engage in metal detecting and start hunting treasures all across the neighbourhood.

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