Guide to Correct the Ins and Outs of Spray foam Insulation Basement

Guide to Correct the Ins and Outs of Spray foam Insulation Basement

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Although not all people realize the great importance of a high quality insulation, the majority are aware of the benefits it can offer, in terms of both comfort and money. When using an adequate material for your home insulation, you will not only benefit from a comfortable indoor temperature all year long, but your heating and air conditioning bills can lower significantly. However, when insulating a property or replacing an old insulation, one crucial decision you will have to make is deciding on a material. With several options to choose from, it can seem tricky to make a decision, especially if you lack sufficient knowledge on the topic. This is the reason why you need to spend some time informing yourself about the insulation materials you have the possibility of choosing from. One option, which has managed to surpass others, due to the various advantages it provides, is spray foam. Many contractors use spray foam insulation in Parry Sound, and after learning more relevant information on the topic, you will manage to understand why.

Energy efficient

The first thing you need to learn about this insulation material is the energy efficiency it can provide. Because saving energy is important not only for financial reasons but for environmental-friendliness purposes as well, it is always a good thing to choose options that will allow you to preserve energy. Because SPF offers one of the highest R-values among all insulation materials, it is known to be the most energy efficient option. Air exfiltration can lead to even a 40 percent energy loss, and the consequences will show in your bills. With SFI, conductive heat transfer through the building’s walls will be prevented, and infrared radiation and air movement heat flow will be also restricted. The barrier formed will provide you with the energy saving solution you were looking for all along. Uncontrollable drafts or unbalanced indoor temperature will no longer be a problem.

Reduces moisture


Moisture is a common repercussion of an improper home insulation, and besides the possibility of affecting the building’s structure, it can also cause the appearance of mold. As you probably know already, being exposed to mold on a regular basis can affect your health in various ways, possibly causing skin irritation, respiratory issues and constant headaches. Reducing moisture and preventing you from dealing with a problem of this kind is possible with the right insulation material. Because spray foam forms such a strong moisture and thermal protection barrier, but at the same time it allows a proper home ventilation, it will have the role of reducing moisture infiltration as well as offering a cleaner air quality. When insulating your home, you should have all relevant details in mind, and that implies thinking about the health and comfort of your family, and not only the costs of the project.

Sound deadening properties

One advantage provided by SFI that not many people know about is its sound deadening properties. If you live near the city centre, a school or in a noisy neighborhood, then your day to day life quality might be influenced in a negative way by unpleasant noises. If you want to escape this issue, and to make your home environment more peaceful, then SFI can be a great solution. If you ask a professional, you can find out that insulating your home with this material will allow you to form a barrier against unwanted outdoor noise, having sound deadening properties.

Building strength

Another important thing you should know about spray foam is that it will have the role of strengthening the overall structure of your building. A roof that has been insulated with spray foam, for example, is expected to have a life span of over 30 years, which is certainly an aspect that cannot be neglected. Because the material adheres and conforms to the surface on which it is applied, the bond created is strong, and will protect the structure. This means your home will be protected against wind uplift. With increased pressurization resistance, your home will increase in value at the same time, so if you ever plan on selling your property, you have the possibility of asking for a higher price.

Not a DIY project

Although using spray foam to insulate either your attic, ceiling or walls is an easy and fast process, you should be well aware of the fact that it is not a DIY project. This means you should avoid at all costs taking care of this task all by yourself. Starting with the fact that you will not manage to insulate the surfaces properly, and you might leave some cracks or gaps behind and buckle walls, and up to the health hazards that may arise along the process, this is certainly not a do it yourself project. Regardless of how much of a handyman you think you are, it is highly recommended to search for a contractor, who can insulate your entire home professionally. A specialist of this kind will use adequate equipment at all times, which will protect them from any health risks, and will know exactly how many layers of spray foam are necessary and how to maneuver the entire project without inconveniences, ensuring you of a top quality insulation. Therefore, you should keep things simple, and avoid dealing yourself with a project that is meant to be handled by a pro, and search for a contractor instead. Make sure to choose a company with a good reputation and enough experience in the industry.

After understanding the advantages that spray foam brings to the table, you probably do not want to opt for any other material, when insulating your home. Now that you are aware of the ins and outs of spray foam, what is left to do is search for a good company, and hire a qualified and experienced contractor to get your renovation started. With an upgraded insulation, your home will benefit from a more comfortable temperature than ever, and your energy bills will lower considerably.


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