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Best Natural Latex Mattresses

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If you are in search of a natural and organic mattress and you don’t know what will work best for you, know that there are several types of natural mattresses out there but the most popular one is the latex mattress. As reported by the bestmattress.guru website, natural latex mattresses are not only comfortable and durable, but they are also non-toxic, so you don’t have to be worried about inhaling harmful contaminants and chemicals. The previously mentioned website has a lot of helpful 2016 mattresses ratings for people who don’t know which type of mattress to choose. If you have your mind set on latex, you should choose one of the product presented below, as we researched the market thoroughly and we narrowed down our choices to these three mattresses:
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Astrabeds SerenityBed ($1,600.00)

According to the latest 2017 mattresses ratings, it seems that the Astrabeds Serenity Bed is one of the most popular choices among customers who put comfort above everything else. However, with the Astrabeds is not always about comfort. This latex mattress is said to be one of the most natural mattresses that is available on market and it has generally received positive reviews. It offers 8 inches of layers that increase the comfort level and provide you with relief from excruciating back pains. What’s worthy to mention here is that this mattress is made of only natural latex, wool, and organic cotton so you won’t have to worry about inhaling harmful chemicals.
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Essentia Tatami Queen ($2,279.00)

The Essentia Tatami Queen was designed to offer you a great level of comfort. This mattress is incredibly soft and this is the result of using high-quality organic materials. The best combination is undoubtedly wool, cotton, and latex because these three materials combined will offer an increased level of not just comfort, but also durability. The Tatami Queen mattress was made to last you for a lifetime. What you will mostly see at latex mattresses is a practice that involves adding several layers of wool and organic cotton but with the Tatami Queen latex mattress, things are different. At the top of the mattress, there’s a layer of natural memory foam made of hevea milk or rubber tree sap which was added for natural comfort and contour of the body.
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Green Sleep Dolcezza Queen ($4,398.00)

The Green Sleep Dolcezza Queen is another latex mattress that has grabbed out attention. We like that this latex mattress uses natural rubber that doesn’t contain any trace of chemicals. The latex will offer you a firm sleeping surface so that your spine is aligned correctly. This way, you will wake up feeling more relaxed and well-rested. Other than using almost four layers of natural rubber, the Green Sleep Dolcezza Queen is also made of organic cotton and wool that offer comfort. Although it’s very expensive and not everyone can afford it, it’s a luxurious mattress that is made of high-quality materials. It will last a lifetime, that’s for sure.

Tips for Buying the Perfect Family Fridge

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When it comes to kitchen appliances, we all want them to be professional and stylish at the same time. In case you are planning to buy a new fridge, but do not know what to choose due to the many options that are on the market at the moment, here are some useful tips for buying the perfect family fridge.
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Choose the capacity of your fridge

It is important that you choose a fridge that will meet your needs. In case you have a big family, then you definitely need a big fridge as well, in order to be able to store enough food for the whole members of your family. For example, for a family of 4, you will need a fridge with a capacity of 600 liters whereas for a family of 5 or more, you will need a fridge with a capacity of 700 liters. Fridges like that can be quite expensive, so make sure you have a big budget.

The design of your fridge is important

When buying a fridge you should also consider getting one that will go with your kitchen décor. Stainless steel fridges will certainly add an elegant look to your kitchen and they go with many kitchen designs. On the other hand, if your kitchen is vintage or rustic, you can go for a fridge in this style. It’s up to you what style you choose, as long as it perfectly integrates into your kitchen décor.

What style of fridge do you need

You will find on the market fridges in many styles. Some of them have the freezer on top, whereas other have the freezer on the bottom. There are fridges with two doors and others with only one door. Usually, the ones with two doors are specially designed for big families, so you will probably need one like that. Ask yourself if you need a fridge with a big or small freezer. Are you going to freeze lots of food, or you want to have a freezer just in case? You need to answer these questions before you actually buy a new fridge.

The size is extremely important

The size of your fridge is extremely important. Before buying a new fridge, you must take some measurements of the space where you want to place the fridge. You probably don’t want to buy a big fridge and find out after that you don’t have enough space for it in your kitchen. On the other hand, you could consider yourself lucky in case you have a big kitchen because the size of your fridge won’t matter at all.

How to Repair a Leaky Roof

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Although you thought you would never have to fix your roof, there are minor damages that appear in time and require immediate repairs to avoid further complications. While severe problems need professional assistance, there are small leaks that you can fix yourself without having to resort to an expert or having to replace the entire roof. Here is how you can manage to repair a leaky roof in perfect safety conditions.
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Take your safety measures

Before initiating any repairing project, make sure you take the adequate safety measures that will prevent you from falling off the roof and hurting yourself. Always choose a sunny day to repair the roof because a wet surface is dangerous and slippery. Use safety ropes when you get on the roof and wear rubber-soled shoes that will provide the best traction.

How to fix shingles roofing

Most houses have shingles roofing and these are the ones that leak the most because they often break and curl. When you start replacing broken shingles, look closely over the entire roofing area, straighten the ones that are curled back and remove the shingles that are severely damaged. You can do this using heat from a hair dryer and avoid using a torch because asphalt shingles may be flammable and a high temperature can damage even the good shingles. If you had to remove several shingles that were too damaged to be straightened, replace them with new ones after cleaning the area underneath them. Once the new shingle is in place, secure it with galvanized roofing nails and cover the nails heads with roofing cement.

How to repair damaged shakes

Damaged shakes often allow the water to leak, so you must replace them with new ones as soon as you notice any crack. First, remove the broken shakes using a chisel and a hammer and cut off the ends of the nails that keep the shakes in place. Cut a new shake slightly smaller that the old one, slide it into place and hammer it with 2 galvanized roofing nails. Last, seal the nails heads with caulking compound and make sure the leaks are fixed.

How to cover leaks in the connections

If you notice areas with damaged or deteriorated caulking, remove it using a putty knife, clean the surface and dry it before fixing the leak, so that the new caulk will adhere to the surface. Once the are is clean and dry, reapply new caulk where necessary, especially around the chimney and the vents.

The benefits of going for prefinished wood floorings

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There is really no point in arguing about the fact that the interior design market has developed greatly in the last few years becoming a force to be reckoned with. There are virtually thousands and thousands of providers or dedicated websites that promise to inform readers of how to decorate their home or what materials should be used in renovating projects. If you have been part of such a project, you know exactly how difficult and complicated things can be. At the same time, this should not prevent you from renovating your home, if you think that it is necessary. To simplify things a bit, you might want to search the topic a bit before beginning the project. Start with the flooring. This is one topic that can easily place any homeowner in a difficult spot. Surely you have heard of prefinished parquet. Although there are plenty of opinions on this topic, the general perspective is that this is one beneficial option. Here are three advantages you yourself will get to enjoy if you should decide to invest in prefinished wood flooring.


Simple to install

You might be wondering why this is the first big benefit on the list. Flooring can be installed without having to turn the entire house upside down, if you decide to go for prefinished flooring. Being simple to install, you can do it all on your own, without having to hire a specialized team. Looking at the list of prezzi parquet prefinito, you might be tempted to take up this last tip. It is true that this option can sometimes be a bit more expensive than others existing on the dedicated market. However, this does not change the fact that is simple to install by anyone, irrespective of the amount of experience in the home renovating domain.


Endurance over time


This is that advantage that attracts the highest number of clients. Due to the coat applied last that has the purpose to protect the wood, your flooring will successfully face up to moisture, stains and the overall passing of time. Your home will look much better for a longer period of time and you will not feel the need to change the parquet any time soon.


Enhanced appearance


It can be said, without a trace of doubt, that prefinished parquet looks much better than the traditional kind. Given today’s interior designs and trends, prefinished flooring is that statement piece that speaks for itself and that manages to connect the rest of the pieces in a room.


Hopefully, the benefits mentioned above have convinced you that investing in this particular type of flooring is a suitable choice for spaces of all sizes. If you are inclined to go in this direction, make sure that you can find a dedicated and trustworthy provider ready to offer you top choices. The market is diverse and rich, bringing forward all sorts of options, which is really why you should conduct a thorough and organized search to properly identify the right fit for you.

Top 3 Best Bread Makers

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If you like the smell of freshly baked bread in the morning and you’ve always wanted to try to make your own loaf a bread, then you should consider getting a bread maker. These devices are extremely convenient and very easy to use. You can make large loafs of bread of up to 2 pounds in just a couple of hours. According to the best bread maker 2016 reviews, the three units presented above are the most popular bread machines.

Breadman TR520

Top 3 Best Bread Makers Picture
When shopping for a bread maker, it’s recommended to opt for one that is automatic and fully programmable because you’ll find it easier to use in the morning when you’re in a rush and want to make a big loaf of bread. The Breadman TR520 automatic break maker offers 8 functions for bread and so you can choose one based on individual preferences. It also features 3 crust shades so feel free to experiment with different settings and options. This bread maker is a fairly large appliances, but if you don’t want to make loaf of bread of up to 2 pounds you can even make smaller loaves. Besides being very easy to use, the Breadman bread machine is also asy to clean. You can remove the lid and the baking pan and wash every component by hand.

Cuisinart CBK-100

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The Cuisinart CBK-100 is another convenient automatic bread machine that comes with several impressive features. You can even use this bread maker to make glutten-free loaves of bread. What most customers find amazing when using the Cuisinart bread maker is that this machine is capable of making a bread even after it has been a power failure. The unit itself is large and robust, so make sure to find it a proper place on the kitchen counter. When backing bread at home, be sure to choose between the 12 preprogrammed options and the three crust settings so you can make a delicious 1 pound or 2 pound loaf of bread with little or no effort at all. We like that it comes with a 13-hour time delay option which allow you to set the bread maker the night before so that when you wake up in the morning you don’t have to waste time preparing the ingredients and powering the machine.


Top 3 Best Bread Makers Picture
If you are looking for a bread maker that will be useful for a large family, then the Oster CKSTBRTW20 could be exactly what you’re looking for. By using this automatic bread machine, you will manage to bake a loaf of up to 2 pounds in under an hour. Convenience is the key word here. There’s no need to read the manual and follow the instructions; simply read the LCD display and choose the preferred settings. The Oster CKSTBRTW20 features nine bread settings and three crust settings for different types of bread, such as glutten-free, whole wheat or sweet.

Top 5 Best Drip Coffee Makers

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If you are looking for a convenient and easy to use coffee maker, note that the drip coffee maker is the most popular among other types of coffee makers. Convenience and efficiency are key words here. besides, drip coffee makers are capable of brewing more cups of coffee at the same, so this is another plus. If you want to find out

Cuisinart Extreme Brew DCC-2650

Top 5 Best Drip Coffee Makers Picture
Cuisinart Extreme is a beautifully designed appliances that comes with several impressive features, so it’s no surprise it’s the main top choice of customers who opt for drip coffee makers. The DCC-2650 comes with adjustable features  that make the brewing process so easy and it even comes with an alert feature that will let you know when the coffee is ready to be served. It also comes with a 3 year warranty, so this is definitely a plus.

Melitta 10-Cup Coffee Maker 46894

Top 5 Best Drip Coffee Makers Picture
The Melitta 46894 is a simple to use drip coffee maker that is designed to make tasty and rich coffee every morning. Although it doesn’t come with an array of features and innovative technologies, it’s still a versatile and convenient appliance that will sit nicely on the kitchen counter without taking to much space.

Mr. Coffee FTX 41-NP

Top 5 Best Drip Coffee Makers Picture
What we like most about this automatic drip coffee maker is that it comes with many convenient features. The most worthy to mention are the cleaning cycle and a two hour shut off period that automatically turns off the device when it is not in use anymore. Last but not least, it features a sleek and polished black and stainless steel design that will complement most of the interior decorating styles.


Top 5 Best Drip Coffee Makers Picture
If you are looking for a coffee maker that is more sturdier and durable, this Mr. Coffee SJX BVMC may be exactly what you need. Even though it will occupy more space on the kitchen counter, you will be pleased with your purchase in the end because you will be able to make flavorful cups of coffee every single day. Besides, you can choose between using a thermal carafe or a glass carafe.  Each will work just fine, after all it’s just a matter of preference.

Cuisinart 12-Cup Programmable DTC-975BKN

Top 5 Best Drip Coffee Makers Picture
When it comes to choosing a drip coffee maker, a distinguishable feature that counts a lot is the programmable timer. This is strictly related to convenience. This way you can set your coffee maker the night before to make a tasty and fresh coffee right in the morning, so you can save a lot of time this way. Although it lacks in features, it’s made of good-quality materials, so it will last for longer.

How to Maintain a Gas Grill in Optimal Condition

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With a gas grill, we can cook delicious meals for our loved ones, in the shortest time possible. When shopping for gas grills, a lot of people make the mistake of being amazed by fancy features and ignoring important things such as the maintenance. If you are in the market for a new grill, read some gas grill reports and choose a unit which is very easy to clean and maintain. If you already own a gas grill, here is how to maintain it in optimal condition.

How to Maintain a Gas Grill in Optimal Condition Picture

Clean it regularly

It is essential that you clean your gas grill after every use. By doing so, you will remove the fat and the bacteria that can affect your food. It is recommended that you use a decreasing spray, in order to obtain the desired result. This product is usually very efficient, and therefore, you should consider getting one. When it comes to cleaning, there are some important steps that you must follow, in order to have an extremely clean gas grill. First of all, you will need to wash the grill’s interior and exterior surfaces. For this sort of job, you can use stiff-wire grill brush, which you can be found in the specific shops. Use a bit of warm water with soap, in order to remove all the dirt. The next step is to clean the cooking grates. For this job, you can either use warm water with soap as well, or you could go for a decreasing spray. However, the idea is to clean them very good. You will also need to clean the burners and the tube as well, but remember to turn off the propane tank before you do that. Again, warm soapy water is very efficient.

Cover your unit when it’s not being used

When it is not being used, the unit must be covered, in order to protect it from the bad weather, and insects. These appliances are usually placed outdoors, and therefore, a cover will be extremely useful. By doing so, your appliance won’t rust, and it will also be clean at all times.

Check for propane leaks

This is another important aspect, that you should have in mind to do. You must check the unit for propane leaks, and you must do it regularly. Once a month it is ideal. Don’t you know how to do that? It is very simple, and the only thing you need to do is to run a bit of soapy water along the gas line when the propane is turned on, and see if it makes bubbles or not. In case you see bubbles, then there is certainly a leak, and therefore, you will probably need to tighten the connection, or even replace the line.

Robot Vacuum Buying Guide

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For people who don’t have much time on their hands, vacuuming can be a real time-consuming activity, that can’t be avoided if you want to keep the house clean. But thankfully, we now have a solution for this problem, the robot vacuum. Now you can focus on doing other activities, while this easy to use and fun device cleans up your floors and carpets. Plus, it’s really fun to watch if you have a cat and it has joy rides on it while the robot is going around the room, cleaning. It is important to read robotic vacuum reviews in order to choose a quality unit, but first, you must know which features are worth investing it, so that you don’t buy an expensive product with a lot of useful bells and whistles. If you are wondering what to look for in a robot vacuum, read the following lines and find out.

Robot Vacuum Buying Guide Picture

Suction power

It’s true that the robot vacuum doesn’t have as much suction power as the standard vacuum, but there are models that have a big enough suction power to do a decent job. According to most robotic vacuum reviews, suction power is a problem only when you have to vacuum carpets actually, and this isn’t such a big problem if you think about it, because even if you were to vacuum yourself, you wouldn’t get all of the dirt out of the fabric anyway. The best thing to do if you have carpets is to take them to a professional cleaner at least twice a year, because they use cleaning chemicals and they have better equipment with which they clean the fibers better. On the other hand, the robot vacuum does a perfect job at cleaning hard floors, that have no carpets.
A robot vacuum is necessary for people who have pets, like dogs and cats, that leave a lot of hair behind. No matter if you have carpets or not, animal hair is visible, and it’s unsanitary especially if there are small children in the household. They play a lot on the floor, and could accidentally ingest the hair, having health problems because of this.


The most important features that you have to look for when you pick what robot vacuum to buy are stair detection, programmable times, noise, charging, and virtual wall.
Stair detection allows the device to sense if it reaches a step or a ledge to back off from it, avoiding any damaging incident.
The programmable time allows you to set a certain time of the day, or in a certain day of the week for the robot vacuum to start cleaning. This comes in handy if you are away and you want to find everything spotless when you return.
If you plan on using the robot vacuum while you’re at home, look for a model that doesn’t make much noise, to avoid getting distracted or annoyed by the high-pitched whistle. They are indeed more quiet than the standard vacuum, but if you are to invest in this device, look for a silent one to enjoy peace and quiet for once when vacuuming is done.
One of the best features of the robot vacuum is that it detects when the battery charge is low, and it goes by itself to the charger for a refill of the battery. Therefore, no incidents can happen if you set it to clean while you’re away, avoiding you to come home and find the robot in the middle of the room with only half of the job done.
The virtual wall feature comes in handy if you want to restrict the robot’s access to certain areas. It creates an invisible barrier that you set, and that can’t be passed by the device.

Pros and Cons of Over the Range Microwaves

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When designing a kitchen, you also have to consider the appliances you will equip it with because these will add to the comfort and functionality of your kitchen. When you get to the microwave, there are plenty of models to choose from. Don’t set your mind on finding the best countertop microwave ovens, especially if you have a smaller kitchen. A great way to save some space is to invest in an over the range microwave oven. Check out the following lines if you want to see if such a microwave would be a good choice for you.
Pros and Cons of Over the Range Microwaves Picture


  • The biggest advantage of an over the range microwave is that it helps you save space, which is essential in small kitchens where you can hardly fit all the appliances you need. Instead of tucking everything on the kitchen counter, it’s easier to save space by installing the microwave at a height that allows you to use it.
  • Most kitchens require a range hood that will evacuate the food odor, smoke, and steam in order to keep the air fresh and clean. Due to the incorporated fans, the over the range microwave also works as a range hood, meaning you will have two items in one, so the functionality is increased.


  • Unless your kitchen is equipped with wall cabinets installed at a comfortable height, the over the range microwave will turn out to be uncomfortable and almost impossible to use by short people or children. If that is the case, you are better off looking at the best countertop microwave ovens. You shouldn’t opt for an over the range microwave if you can’t install it at a proper height that will allow you to use it easily and safely.
  • Another disadvantage related to the installation height is that it will be very cumbersome to cook in tall pots because you won’t be able to observe the content during cooking. Pay extra attention to how you handle the pots when you take them out of the microwave because you may burn your hands or even worst, spill the pot all over yourself. Furthermore, since the over the range microwave is installed above the stove, you have to be very careful if you use it while there is something cooking on the stove.
  • An essential aspect for the over the range microwave to work as a hood is to duct it out, otherwise the fan will only serve for recirculating the air. Unless you can connect the microwave to the outside so that the fans will be able to eliminate the air, the hood will become useless.
  • Most of the fans used in designing the over the range microwaves have a 300 cfm capacity, which is a poor performance compared to the capacity of other range hoods that reaches up to 1000 cfm. Therefore, you won’t be that satisfied with the ventilation provided by the over the range microwave.

Pros and Cons of Counter Depth Refrigerators

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Nowadays, the highest rated refrigerators are those which can easily integrate any kitchen design. A counter depth refrigerator is a refrigerator that has the same depth as the counter or it’s similar in depth. Most people prefer this model over the built-in refrigerator, because the built-in model is much more expensive. You can either build around the refrigerator cabinetry or it can be added to an already existing counter and cabinet scheme you have in your kitchen. Just pay attention when you take the measurements to see what space you have available for it, so you don’t have to go and exchange it or to move things around because of it. As all appliances, the counter depth refrigerator has pros and cons. Therefore, next we will be discussing about these aspects for you to know what are the good and bad parts of this type of refrigerator if you are interested in buying one for your kitchen.
Pros and Cons of Counter Depth Refrigerators Picture


Many people choose the counter depth refrigerator because it gives the kitchen a uniform profile. Even if some models don’t align perfectly to the counters, the distance is very small and doesn’t bother the eye.
A counter depth refrigerator is wider than the standard refrigerator, allowing the storage of wide cold cut trays. The door bins are longer than at the standard unit as well. This allows you to better organize and you have easier access to the things you need to take out of the fridge. Moreover, these fridges come in different styles. For example, you can find a french door refrigerator or a side by side refrigerator which also classifies as a counter depth fridge.
Having a counter depth refrigerator that aligns to the counters is useful when it comes to the traffic in the kitchen as well. It doesn’t stick out so you can take things out of the refrigerator without disturbing household members who are passing through the kitchen.


It has a wider profile than the standard depth refrigerator, ranging from 25 inches to 30 inches. In case you want to replace your old standard french door refrigerator with the counter depth one, you have to look for a model with reduced capacity to fit in its place. Also, there is a second option to fit any counter depth refrigerator you like in the place where your old model stood, no matter how wide it is – move the cabinets and counters to make enough space for it.
Another downside to this model of refrigerator is that the deli compartments and crispers are shorter and this is a real problem when you need to store long items in them. The access to them is indeed better, but the fact that not everything you need will fit in the drawers is unpleasant. Nevertheless, the highest rated refrigerators have other features which make the storage space more flexible.

The Complete Tower Fan Shopping Guide

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Tower fans are cooling systems that stand upright. The advantage of owning a tower fan is that you can put it in a corner of the room, or you can hide it behind the couch to be out of sight. Most models oscillate to spread the cool air in the room. Many tower fans have a height altering option that allows you to adjust the height by +/- 20 inches. You benefit by using a tower fan because most modern models include features to improve the quality of the air, as well. For example, such a feature is the air ionizer; it removes allergens and other contaminants from the air and odors too, being a great option for smokers.
The Complete Tower Fan Shopping Guide Picture


When talking about size, it doesn’t refer to the size of the fan, but at the size of the room you are going to place the fan in. Depending on how big the room it’s going to be used in, buy a fan that has the appropriate power to cool it. For example, a high-powered model circulates more air and should be used in big rooms.


Most modern tower fans have multiple speeds of oscillation. Some of them change the direction of oscillation as well. While many of the tower fans simply move from left to right, others oscillate up and down as well. If you’re planning on buying a tower fan that oscillates in different directions, consider a Lasko tower fan.


Many modern models double as air filters, some of them using ionization, while others use air filters. Of course, these models cost extra money as opposed to the normal tower fans. Also, the filters must be replaced periodically; keep these facts in mind when you want to shop for a tower fan that is an air filter as well.


If you don’t want a tower fan that makes too much noise, inform yourself from online reviews on the models you are interested in before buying. After all, not all places let you test the product in the store, therefore informing yourself before you go shopping isn’t a bad idea.


When we make an investment, no matter how big or small it is, we want the product to last as much as possible. Therefore, pay attention to the material that the tower fan is made from. The models that are made of large plastic parts are unfortunately more likely to break or crack. If you are going to use it on a daily basis, or very often at least, you should buy a tower man made out of metal or stronger plastic parts.


In case you care about the environment or you just don’t want to spend too much money on the electricity bill, check how much energy consumption the fan has. Some models have automatic shut-offs or sleep timers that help you reduce the energy consumption.


In a household in which there are babies or small children, their safety is the parent’s number one concern. The grate that covers the fan mustn’t be large, or the small ones might try to stick their fingers inside and they will hurt themselves. If the models has large spaces at least make sure that the blade is made from a soft material that can’t hurt them.

Top 3 Best Infrared Patio Heaters

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Having a patio is extremely nice if we think about the fact that you can relax and spend quality time there with your family and friends. You can do this even if it’s cold due to the patio heaters that are on the market these days. In case you are thinking of buying a patio heater, but don’t know what to choose due to the many options that are on the market, here is a top 3 best-infrared patio heaters.

Top 3 Best Infrared Patio Heaters Picture

Fire Sense wall mounted infrared patio heater

The best thing about this infrared patio heater is that it can be used outdoors and indoors as well, which is absolutely great because when the cold season comes, you will still be able to use it in your home. Fire Sense comes with lots of features, in order to meet all of your needs. It produces heat in just a few seconds, it has a silent operation mode, and it’s extremely friendly when it comes to energy consumption. In comparison with other types of infrared patio heaters, which must be placed vertically, Fire Sense needs to be mounted on the wall, and this is absolutely great for small patios.

Top 3 Best Infrared Patio Heaters Picture

Paramount MS-1500 infrared patio heater

This amazing patio heater will warm up your patio within seconds. The heat that is provided by Paramount MS-1500 won’t be affected by the wind. It is extremely safe to use and it won’t spread any odors whatsoever, and exactly like Fire Sense infrared patio heater, it can be used outdoors and indoors as well. This is a product reasonably priced and you will certainly enjoy your time spent outdoors with Paramount MS-1500 infrared patio heater.

Top 3 Best Infrared Patio Heaters Picture

Infratech WD-4024SS infrared patio heater

With this infrared patio heater, you have two mounting options. You can either mount it on the wall or ceiling. Infratech WD-4024SS can be used outdoors and indoors as well. Infrared WD-4024SS doesn’t harm the environment because it actually doesn’t burn anything in order to produce heat. It just uses infrared radiant energy in order to warm you up. An infrared patio heater like this can be quite expensive, but it definitely worth the money. Another good thing you should know about this product is that it comes with a 2-year warranty, which is absolutely great. If before you couldn’t spend time outdoors because of the bad weather, you can do that now using this amazing patio heater which will warm you up within seconds.

If you want to better analyze the three heaters presented above, you can read their reviews on bestheater.reviews. On that website, they are thoroughly analyzed in comprehensive reviews. Those reviews will help you compare these three products and choose the one that best suits your patio.

Whole House Water Filters Vs. Small Water Filters

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All homes need a water filtration device; the water coming from the tap isn’t safe, no matter where you live, and if you go and buy water you don’t have any guarantee it isn’t full of contaminants as well. There are many types of water filtration systems that vary in size, the contaminants they remove, installation and price. But is one of the models really better than the other ones? Let’s see together what a whole house water filter has to offer and what the small water filters offer to see what differentiates them. Always read water filtration system reviews and check what contaminants you face in your tap water before taking a decision and choose which is the best filtration system for your home. Here’s our hones water filter comparisons between the whole house filters and the smaller filters designed solely for the drinkable water.

Whole House Water Filters Vs. Small Water Filters Picture

Whole house water filters

Whole house water filtration systems usually require more materials upfront, but they don’t need to have their filter cartridges replaced very often. This water filtration system purifies the water throughout the house, treating all the water that comes through the pipes. The most common types of whole house filtration technologies are reverse osmosis and carbon filtration. According to most water filtration system reviews, this type of filters remove different types of contaminants, therefore an analysis of the municipal water is required first before taking a decision. The whole house filtration system usually costs between $1500 and $3000, but as mentioned before they aren’t high maintenance and their cartridges don’t need to be changed too often. Moreover, if you search for some water filter comparisons between the best whole house filters, you will see that most of them come with very good warranty deals, which means that your investment will be covered for many years to come.

Small water filters

Pitcher filters and tap-based filters are small water filters that are very effective and they are the best choice for people who don’t want or need whole house filters. These water filtration devices use fewer materials upfront than the whole house water filters, but they need their cartridges to be replaced often; the cost evens out at the end.
When using a pitcher water filter you have to pour water in the top half of the unit. The water will drip through the carbon filter and the contaminants will stick to it, leaving only clean water to drip to the bottom half of the unit. After the filtration process is done, just pour water in a glass and enjoy the clean water.
The tap-based water filtration system has to be screwed on to the faucet. The big advantage of this water filtration system is that it can be adjusted to an on or off position; therefore, whenever you need to use the actual tap water you just put the filter in the off position. When the tap-based water filter is on, the water that runs through the faucet is filtered through a carbon filter before coming out cleansed of all the contaminants.

How to Improve Your Garage Door Security

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Garage doors are considered to be an easy target for thieves and unfortunately, most homeowners don’t put so much effort into increasing the security level in the garage because they think it’s not worthy investment. As a matter of fact, making sure that your garage door is secure can keep potential criminals at bay and protect all of your possessions. Below, you will find out which are the most efficient methods to improve your garage door security.
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Keep the garage door insight

Instead of blocking the view of your garage door, a great tip would be to keep it in plain sight. If you’re wondering in what way this is helpful, then you should know that thieves generally look for places that are hidden, to avoid being spotted by your neighbors or people walking by your house.

Motion detector lights

Most burglaries happen during the night and that’s not a surprising fact, after all, considering the fact that no thief will want to be noticed right away. Installing motion detector lights is a great way to prevent thieves from trying to break into your garage.

Garage door opener

Garage door openers are practical devices that do more than open your garage doors. These units come with a variety of useful features, including safety programs to ensure that potential burglars are kept away from your garage. Make sure to invest in top-rated garage door opener that features motion detector sensors or the rolling code technology that changes the code every time you try to open the door via a remote control. A top-rated garage door opener should be made of quality materials and it should come with an extensive warranty.

Cover the windows

Covering the windows with blinds or curtains is a great method to keep thieves from window shopping. So, if you are planning to install a garage door, make sure that it comes with “obscured glass” windows. These type of windows will allow the light in, but it will prevent someone from seeing what’s inside.

Opt for a solid metal door

If you are planning to replace your traditional wooden door, make sure to choose a new metal door or at least a wood door that is made of a solid and heavy wood. A saggy old wooden door that has cracks at the bottom will make it easier for thieves to break in.

Don’t leave the remote inside the car

The most frequent mistake that homeowners seem to do is to leave the garage door remote control in the car. If a thief breaks in your car, he can steal the remote control and have access to the garage without you knowing it. A good tip is to opt for a key chain remote opener, to make sure that it;s always within your reach.

Best Electric Lawn Mower Reviews

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Between a gas-powered and an electric lawn-mower, most people tend to choose the last mentioned because it’s very efficient at making your lawn look neat and nicely groomed. The only drawback that is related to these types of lawn mowers is the fact that they have a short battery duration so for a large lawn, you might be tempted to opt for a gas lawn mower. In what follows, we will present you with 3 short electric lawn mower reviews. The following lawn mowers are guaranteed to make a strong impression on you, so you should check them out!

GreenWorks G-MAX 40V 25302

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This electric lawn mower has the longest run time out of several comparable models. The run time is determined to be somewhere at 70 minutes, which is a bit over an hour. The only drawback that we find at this unit is the fact that it’s not self-propelled. Nevertheless, this is a great alternative to gas-powered lawn mowers which are generally very hard to hand and take a lot of space in your garage. Although this GreenWorks model looks a bit heavy and bulky it’s actually very easy to maneuver. Besides you don’t have to struggle with cords and wires anymore, because it’s entirely battery-powered. Last but not last, the 20-inch cutting deck allows you to mow the lawn more precisely because it doesn’t require as many passes.

Black & Decker SPCM1936

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Compared with the previous model, the is a self-propelled mower that has the same mowing abilities as gas-powered models. This model runs for 45 to 60 minutes but the best part about it is that it doesn’t come with a cord so it’s much easier to use, despite the fact it has a relatively short running time. What’s very important to mention regarding the mowing abilities of the Black & Decker SPCM1936 is the fact that it can bag, discharge and even mulch grass clippings so it’s highly convenient and versatile. You’ll simply love using it.

EGO LM2001

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When shopping for a new lawn mower, you will want to get an electric lawn mower that doesn’t need much time to recharge. The EGO LM2001 has a durable battery that only needs 30 minutes to recharge, so you can mow a larger surface of lawn without wasting too much time. In addition, the battery lasts for almost one hour and it doesn’t function on gas or oil, so it’s environmentally friendly. Another important aspect that should be mentioned here is the fact that this specific model comes with a long 5-year warranty, which is definitely better from the standard 1 year warranty that is featured at many electric lawn mowers.