How to care for your gardening tools all year round

How to care for your gardening tools all year round

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If you love being close to nature and you spend most of your free time in your garden, it means that you understand more than anyone else does the importance of caring for your trusty and useful tools. You will never achieve such a beautiful landscape without them. For this reason, regardless of the season, you have to provide at least the basic maintenance required, especially if you have been using the same gardening equipment for years and it is already showing signs of wear and tear. After working around the house to keep the lawn freshly cut and the flowers alive, the last thing you want to do after completing the process is to start cleaning the tools used. However, this final step is extremely important because you are going to use the same tools sooner than you think and you cannot allow dirt and rust to destroy them. This article has the purpose to inform you about simple ways to care for your precious gardening tools.

Maintenance basics for your gardening hand tools

Think about it this way: if you preserve your tools in tiptop condition, it will reflect on your garden. From cleaning to storing, you need to follow several steps for preserving the quality and functioning of your tools. When it comes to hand tools, all you have to do is wash and let them dry after each use; it only takes a few minutes. By keeping your trowels, shovels, rakes and garden forks dirty, you will realize at the end of the warm season that you will have to invest in new ones because they no longer function properly. If some of your hand tools present rusty sports, you can use steel wool or sandpaper to scrub the rust and dried mud off. You should also know that sharpening them from time to time is necessary if you want them to deliver excellent services, particularly those tools that you use for digging and cutting. Of course, you cannot perform all these actions without protecting your hands with heavy gloves.

How to maintain and store your lawn mower

Moving on to heavier and bulkier items, such as the lawn mower, you have to give them maximum attention. These types of tools have mechanisms that are more complex so you might want to read the owner manual in order to gain a better understanding.  Superior washer provides shake proof washers destined for lawn mowers so you could consider ordering one. If your lawn mower has an air-cooled, gas-powered engine, you should drain the fuel inside before storage. Otherwise, you might cause degradation of rubber and plastic parts. You can choose to add a fuel stabilizer, also known as fuel protector. You might want to disconnect the battery in order to prevent the lawn mower from starting accidentally. In what concerns the blade, you have two options: to sharpen or to replace it. Clean it and use the hose to wash it underneath for eliminating dirt. Make sure that you store it in a dry place.

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