How to maintain your pool properly during the winter season

How to maintain your pool properly during the winter season

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The truth is that pool maintenance is essential all year round, but in the winter season things become a little more difficult because you need to pay extra attention to the pool water and equipment. Whether you decided to close the pool or not during cold months, checking the water chemistry and provide adequate cleaning is equally important. Continue reading the article in order to discover the necessary measures you should take I order to protect your pool in the winter.

Secure the pool cover

In you live in a cold area and you wish to protect your pool from harsh conditions, then a pool cover becomes indispensable. It offers protection from animals, debris and snow but only if you know how to maintain it properly. First, you have to make sure that the cover is securely bound to the pool and the next steps differ according to your type of pool. For in-ground pools, you have to verify the water bags or blocks and make sure that all the safety components are in their place. If you notice that certain parts are missing, you can visit and purchase the adequate replacements. With above ground pools, you have to check if the air pillow is properly inflated and if the wall bags are holding the cover in place. Furthermore, you have to secure the cover clips and tighten the cable if necessary. Debris and leaves will damage your cover if you do not remove them during winter. If you are using a leaf net, dispose of the pile of leaves collected on top of it. This will also prevent water contamination from dirty leaves.

Check water and equipment

Even though algae usually grow in warm water, noticing algae formation in your pool during the cold season is not impossible. The following step is to add shock treatment to your water immediately. By preventing algae growth, you will practically your pool’s concrete and liner, not to mention that you will not have to see the horror when you decide to open the pool at the beginning of summer. Apart from the water, you also have to keep an eye on the pool equipment. In this case, it is better to be precautious because replacing the equipment might prove to be quite expensive and you will end up regretting the negligence. Thus, you should examine carefully and periodically the filter, pump, heater and the pool surface. While doing so, ensure the removal of excess water. You have to be aware that your pipes could crack because of the freezing water. You can purchase a digital timer with a temperature sensor that will warn you in case of dangerous temperatures.

Do not overlook pool chemistry

If you have not drained your pool completely for the winter season, make sure the water is chemically balanced. This will prevent waterlines, bacteria and algae, thus facilitating the decontamination process. Even if you are not using the pool, you still have to analyze the water chemistry at least monthly. Purchase the needed products in order to break down contamination and prevent the formation of waterlines. The same principle applies if you live in warmer climates because you are still going to swim in the pool the next months and you want to have the certainty that the water is clean and safe.

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