How to Use Your Dishwasher in an Energy Efficient Way

How to Use Your Dishwasher in an Energy Efficient Way

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Most people still prefer washing the dishes by hand, mainly because they think that this way they will manage to make some money savings. However, it’s actually more expensive to wash dishes by hand rather than by using a dishwasher. If you take a look at some 2015 Samsung dishwasher reviews, you will see that modern dishwashers are very environmentally friendly and budget friendly. Nevertheless, if you want to save even more money while using the dishwasher, know that there are some simple tips that you can follow in order to cut down the energy costs and use less water. Here’s what you need to know.

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Don’t wash half loads of dishes

In order to save both energy and water at the same time, consider washing only full loads and not just kitchen utensils or kitchen pots one at a time. If you have only a couple of dishes to clean, there’s no need to use the dishwasher, except if you have a newer model that can be set to use only the proper amount of energy and water to wash dishes. Otherwise, you can wash them by hand.

Energy saving options

When choosing a dishwasher, make sure to opt for one that comes with several innovative features. There are some dishwashers that have energy saving options, so you can choose between several settings to set the proper temperature, amount of water that is going to be used and many more. These models are generally more expensive, but they are very energy efficient, so you will manage to save more money in the long run. We advise you to look for a dishwasher that is Energy star rated. The energy star qualified dishwasher use 25% less water than traditional models. Discover the most energy efficient dishwashers by visiting the website and comparing the features of the most popular units.

Let the dishes air dry

If you want to cut down on energy bills, a great tip would be to let the dishes dry by themselves. At the end of the washing cycle, let the door of the dishwasher open for a couple of hours or overnight, until they are completely dry. This way, you won’t have to use the electric heat generated by the dishwasher or a fan to dry the dishes.

Set your dishwasher to run during utility hours

Here’s another good tip for saving energy while using your dishwasher. Consider using a timer to set your dishwasher to run at an off-peak utility hour. There are some utilities that provide reduced rates for all the energy used during this time, so it’s something that you should definitely take advantage of.

Skip the pre-rinsing process

Most of the people who use a dishwasher tend to pre-rinse the dishes before loading them in the dishwasher. What you must keep in mind is that there is no need to do that anymore. Nowadays, most of the dishwasher models are highly effective at removing stubborn stains from the dishes.

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