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Infamous 2

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The first Infamous is one of my favorite games on the PlayStation 3 platform along with Uncharted and God of War series. The game of the Sucker Punch Company borrowed ideas from the series Assassin’s Creed and Grand Theft Auto, games adding however to that formula several distinctive elements: supernatural powers of the protagonist Cole MacGrath and the choice between good and evil, reflected in all decisions by the player you can do throughout the story. Thus was born one of the best open world games ever made, the action was intense as complemented by a story, and the replay ability was inevitable.

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The series tells the story of Cole MacGrath Infamous, a simple courier, which got stuck into the middle of a devastating explosion that laughed off the Earth’s surface an important part of an American metropolis Empire City. However, Cole not only survived this incident, but also, acquired the ability to control electricity at his will just as comic book heroes. Using his new powers, Cole can decide whether to fight for the people or leave the city population dominated by selfishness, by trampling upon innocent people for his own welfare.

The action of Infamous 2 takes place to another imaginary city on the east coast of the North American continent, New Marais, no doubt inspired by New Orleans. Cole travels there with his friend Zeke, for the amplification of the two hero’s powers, and it is where he will probably be confronted with the most powerful enemy, a huge creature called The Beast. Things are not exactly as expected since, New Marais is being under the sway of a militia created by Joseph Bertrand III, a religious fanatic that seeks to eliminate people with “special powers”.

The first thing that “hit” you when Infamous 2 starts is how much the graphics have changed for the better: The game looks simply delightful, New Marais, despite flooding suffered as a city more colorful than the Empire City. Furthermore, many elements are now destructible environment; they play an important role in game play: sometimes it is easier to destroy the pillars of a structure that will collapse all enemies within it, than to confront them in direct combat. Despite this environment of open and partially destructible game, Infamous 2 runs smoothly most of the time, was amazing how well they managed to optimize Sucker Punch title. Only occasional lack of anti aliasing in the certain effects or explosions remember that we are dealing with a game that still runs on the PlayStation 3 console that will come soon in the fifth year of his life.

On the other hand, even if the graphics improvements are more than obvious, familiar feeling once you get your hands on includes gamepad, the first mission of Infamous 2. Cole moves too, have the same powers acquired in the first game of the series, and the movement system that allows fast navigation through the city, was kept unchanged from the first Infamous. This has its positive and negative effects – any experienced player of the firs Infamous will know immediately what to do in Infamous 2, and its shortcomings – the movement system is inaccurate, Cole choosing to catch all kinds of cables and buildings in the worst moments.

Like the first title of the series, Infamous 2 continues to provide many times the player can choose between good and evil, between helping ordinary people or their exploitation for his own pleasure. But these choices are now implemented on several levels, from story development, through the performance of secondary tasks through to acquire new powers. Thus, as in Black & White, where you were guided by an angel and an imp, in Infamous 2 there are two characters that portray good and evil: locals Nix, who is in control of napalm and fire, and the former agent Kuo, whose specialization is mastering the power of ice.

The two women will fight for Cole’s heart, there are several moments during the game when you will have to choose between them: whether the borrowing powers of one of them, be it the side quests offered by two or the options you suggest to solve tasks related to the main story, balance between Nix and Kuo provide a degree of replay ability to the games crave.

Secondary tasks, such as the infamous one used to regain control over certain sectors of the city, also received a visible upgrade. One of the main complaints about repetitiveness was their first Infamous, Cole is always sent to the same task more or less boring / mundane. The Infamous 2 things have changed; most of these side quests are unique. There are some tasks that are repeated, but rarely enough to not become annoying. Instead, they were introduced and mini-sites storyline in such missions, the game of pepper and more from Sucker Punch.

These side stories round a good plot, but not as good as the first Infamous cohesive. The story of the Infamous 2 is broken into two: the struggle of resistance against Bertrand and the preparation to face the Beast, none of these threads are developed as they should really be. Comic cinematic sequences derived from animated pictures were kept in Infamous 2, but they are much fewer and story references only really appear in critical moments, the rest being used for scenes made with graphics engine to push events forward. As voices of the actor who played Cole MacGrath first title of the series was replaced, but the new voice is at least as good.

In terms of actual game play, not much has changed in infamous 2 appearance yet many bosses, especially mutant creatures appear from the swamp near New Marais. At first they seem a bit out of context, but, over time, the emergence of mutants in the swamp begins making increasingly more sense. Cole retains the powers of the first game of the series, to which you can add, as I mentioned earlier, and skills borrowed from both its aid. Thus, an electric vortex can be turned into a devastating attack by ice, and a grenade can be improved and to freeze enemies when it explodes.

With the Little Big Planet, Sony has tried to give to the community members a chance to develop their own content to play the title from Media Molecule offering a very powerful editor with which any enthusiast could fulfill its own additional levels, which could then be share with other players via PlayStation Network. This philosophy has now been borrowed and Infamous 2 Sucker Punch provides the necessary tools with which those interested can create their own missions in New Marais. They appear and then sprinkled on the city map and are generally very different from what normally the game gives. For example, in one of these missions, Cole must fight against a huge disco ball, attacking the town’s population. These user-generated Missions further extend the life of a title that already has a respectable replay ability.

Although many of the improvements of the Infamous 2, the first title of the series had more charm in his time, mainly due to better developed story. Even so, Infamous 2 remains one of the best games released this year and a title that PS3 owners should not overlook.

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