Metal stamping for beginners – How to start your own small family-run business

Metal stamping for beginners – How to start your own small family-run business

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Stamping is a fascinating process in which a small metallic object can become more than this. Also, it’s a great opportunity to turn it into a family business which will allow you to increase your monthly income. Metal stamping is a technique widely used in various industries, from the automotive industry, to aircraft industry and medical device manufacturing industry. However, jewellery stamping has become a popular craftsmanship for those who want to open an online-based business. There are plenty of popular stores, such as Etsy where home-based manufacturers can retail their products. Below we have some tips on how to start a family-run business that specialises in manufacturing and retailing such pieces.


Get your tools

Of course, you won’t be able to invest in industrial, highly professional stamping equipment, like the reputable metal stamping companies in the field, but you must certainly invest in some sort of equipment. Small tools are great to start with. Invest in a starter metal stamping kit and see how it works for you. There are plenty of retailers that specialise in such products. The best way to find the best kit for your needs is researching your options online and reading some reviews. Start by doing so, and then select your kit.

Learn how to stamp like a pro

In order to provide high-quality products, you must learn the technique. There are some great tips on the Internet, but we are here to provide you with the best.

  • Place yourself and your metal stamp correctly – when standing directly above your stamp, you will get the most force with your hit. This is how you’ll get a clean and straight pattern; this is how most professionals advise you to do it. If you struggle with your stamp placement, make sure to design a grid that will help you. In time, after you practice more, you won’t need any more this small adjustment. You’ll get used to it, and you will find it natural.
  • Try to only hit once – and in order to succeed, you’ll have to apply enough force to stamp your metal sheet correctly. Think only about the technique used by Regent Engineers, who, even if they use highly professional pieces of equipment, work on the same principle: only hit once, hard. In time, you will become more skilled to experiment with other techniques as well, but for a beginner, this trick is gold.
  • Find the right metal suppliers – the quality of the metal with which you’ll be working has a big word to say in terms of quality. Find reliable suppliers and only collaborate with them.

Establish an online store

You can retail your products in dedicated stores, such as Etsy, but you can also give it a more professional air by building a website for it. Discuss with a developer and see what your options are, and make sure to pick a representative domain and stick with it.

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