offers quality services for individuals and businesses offers quality services for individuals and businesses

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R M C ( represents a transport and logistics company that has managed to become a leader in the industry by ensuring several important aspects. Starting from a strong relationship with its partners and intensive training for its staff to the use of advanced technology for services improvement and positive feedback from its customers, R M C puts excellence at the forefront. The company takes its job very seriously and lives by the motto: you can always improve yourself. As proof stands the respect from other competitors in the industry and the customers who always come back for high quality services. They make sure to discover on time the latest innovations in terms of technology so they can develop as business and set an example for the rest. The staff receives ongoing training to be able to provide necessary answers instantly and solve any emerging issue without difficulties. They can be contacted through various means including phone, e-mail and online chats and are always available to satisfy your needs and clear your doubts.

R M C provides a wide range of services for both individuals and businesses. Through their modern system, the clients have the opportunity to view information regarding their shipment and make any changes whenever they feel appropriate. As long as they express their needs to the staff, the situation will be managed as soon as possible. The company takes good care of the shipments from the time they arrive at their facilities until they are send forward. Regular and detailed inspections are made in order to spot possible irregularities and take care of them. Thanks to the solid relationships with their partners, namely carriers and also other vendors, they always offer competitive prices while offering outstanding services, which makes any customer come back for more.

The company pays great attention to individuals and businesses needs and requirements, not to mention that uses the suggestions positively in order to evolve in the industry. For this reason, they provide mail-forwarding services for people who like going on vacations or who are forced to travel because of their job. This means that RMC is able to receive your mail, sort it and send it off wherever you need across the globe. When customers choose this option, the company gives them an address where they can receive not only mail, but also deliveries. The customers are free to shop online because the products will arrive straight to the company. They have the freedom to access every item and give specific instructions, which makes it extremely convenient.

R M C ( has a great interest in protecting both their customers’ details and the surrounding environment. Because of this, they strive to increase their recycle rate with each year, get involved in recycling programs and reduce their carbon footprint, all these while ensuring the excellence of their services. Overall, the company covers transportation and logistics management, receiving and shipping merchandise from and to any part of the world at low costs, quality control by inspecting all the shipments to ensure their perfect condition and customer satisfaction.

Address: 2280 Market St, Suite 205, Riverside, CA 92501

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