Pellet stove vs. wood stove – what you should know

Pellet stove vs. wood stove – what you should know

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If you are looking for a way to reduce the heating costs then you should check the option of installing a wood stove. You are not the only person who wants to go back to basics when it comes to heating your house. Nowadays you can find on the market various types of wood burning stoves, so before buying one you have to check the benefits and drawbacks of everyone of them, and decide which one is the best one for your needs. The majority of people are buying either pallet stoves or wood stoves, so you should first check these two. If you want to have a traditional fireplace in your house, then you should opt for the wood one, because the pellet type is designed a little bit different. Both these options are able to heat up your house, so you should talk with your family members and see what their preferences are. Here are some details that might help you.

What you should know about heating performance and design

If you want to buy a wood stove, then you will find on the market wood cook stoves, free standing models, fireplace inserts modern wood stoves and other types of fireplaces. When they were first introduced, the pellet stoves were not considered very good looking, but nowadays their models are similar to the ones of the wood burning stoves. When it comes to connections, there are some differences with the costs, because if you opt for a wood stove, you will have to install a chimney system.

How much it costs to use these stoves?

If you buy a wood stove, then you will have the advantage that you can burn both wood scraps and firewood, but if you opt for the pellet model, then you can burn only pellets. So before you decide what option you prefer, you should check in your area what the costs for wood and pellets are, because they differ from a region to the other. In case they have similar costs, then you can opt for the one you consider more convenient. Also, you should check the options of storage because you have to make sure that you have where to store the fuel for your fireplace inserts.

Other things you should know

The pellets are sold in bags, so you will have to carry a heavy load to the house, and from there you will have to take the pellets to the stove. When it comes to wood, you can carry it in small batches. If you opt for a pellet stove, then you will have to clean it regularly, because you have to remove the ash, to function properly. Wood stoves also require cleaning, but when it comes to the emissions and ash volume, they are reduced. In case you will experience a power outage, then the pellet stove will shut down, but a traditional wood stove will continue to heat your house.



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