Pirates of the Flying Fortress

Pirates of the Flying Fortress

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If Two Worlds II was quite appreciated by players, the expansion pack Pirates of the Flying Fortress promises to turn all the various issues raised in the original interface and the loading screen lag, the voice the main character. Mostly these goals are met, although all RPG fans might consider that there was too much in the idea of ​​”polishing” game play.

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Pirates of the Flying fortress is available on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. It is a great gaming experience especially if you have a wide TV and a good sound system. on www.thesimplemac.com you can find a lot of great reviews of gadgets that can improve your gaming experience. With the proper gadgets, any game can feel like a virtual reality. The story of this game is well told, and the cinematic, and dialogues, and the approximately 15 hours of adventure are far beyond the current offering’s DLC. In fact the Pirates of the Flying Fortress add-on is integrated into the game and can be approached both with the original character, and directly after creating a new hero. So get up on The Wandering Wraith ship, commanded by Captain Teal, a character without any mercy or love than for pieces of gold jewelry and eventually lost his great love somewhere in a cursed islands, populated only by hungry monsters.
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Like the original, the hero gains experience and improves his attributes (stamina, strength, precision, hand), with direct effect on strikes with weapons or magic. Obviously, no skills are ignored, whether you want to be a mage, warrior, ranger or assassin. Metallurgy, alchemy, manufacturing of weapons and armor for the warrior, and multi-shot poisoned arrows for archer, spells of fire, water, air and earth or stealth assassin and traps are all ways to develop your combat skills.

A good thing is to improve inventory being less crowded interface, objects are not huge and every enemy is now an indicator of individual damage, “Scout” his ocular ability is allowing the research field from a safe distance to be your plan how to attack. And planning is really necessary for the enemies have been at school a few hours and now I know tactic to shield or hide, bosses are a real headache sometimes.

Because RPG Two Worlds II is a bit strange, in Pirates of the Flying Fortress we have multiplayer, with four new maps to those of the original eight players being able to face the four modes: Deathmatch, Duel, Adventure and Crystal Hunt. Unfortunately, at the time of the site review, we didn’t find online the players needed to experience the confrontation with human opponents.

The visual is still remarkable, especially since the islands are covered by a dense jungle, populated with colorful and very friendly animals. Textures are more pronounced; effects and shadows look more realistic and have additional atmospheric effects. Facial animations have been added to express emotion, and dialogues are strengthened by various film effects included in the cinematic sequences.

The soundtrack is rich in sounds that bring to life the world and even the protagonist’s voice is something closer to that of a normal person, like all actors are much better than the original elected. How open and explore the game world is allowed by all corners, the change does not render any visual level, no hearing.

For fans of Two Worlds, Pirates of the Flying Fortress is a “must have” and the 14 hours of game play are really interesting, at least in terms of narrative. Obviously, not everything is perfect, but at least the major problems have been largely removed, the gaming experience is much more comfortable making any eye and players who have been tempted at the beginning of Two Worlds.

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