Robot Vacuum Buying Guide

Robot Vacuum Buying Guide

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For people who don’t have much time on their hands, vacuuming can be a real time-consuming activity, that can’t be avoided if you want to keep the house clean. But thankfully, we now have a solution for this problem, the robot vacuum. Now you can focus on doing other activities, while this easy to use and fun device cleans up your floors and carpets. Plus, it’s really fun to watch if you have a cat and it has joy rides on it while the robot is going around the room, cleaning. It is important to read robotic vacuum reviews in order to choose a quality unit, but first, you must know which features are worth investing it, so that you don’t buy an expensive product with a lot of useful bells and whistles. If you are wondering what to look for in a robot vacuum, read the following lines and find out.

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Suction power

It’s true that the robot vacuum doesn’t have as much suction power as the standard vacuum, but there are models that have a big enough suction power to do a decent job. According to most robotic vacuum reviews, suction power is a problem only when you have to vacuum carpets actually, and this isn’t such a big problem if you think about it, because even if you were to vacuum yourself, you wouldn’t get all of the dirt out of the fabric anyway. The best thing to do if you have carpets is to take them to a professional cleaner at least twice a year, because they use cleaning chemicals and they have better equipment with which they clean the fibers better. On the other hand, the robot vacuum does a perfect job at cleaning hard floors, that have no carpets.
A robot vacuum is necessary for people who have pets, like dogs and cats, that leave a lot of hair behind. No matter if you have carpets or not, animal hair is visible, and it’s unsanitary especially if there are small children in the household. They play a lot on the floor, and could accidentally ingest the hair, having health problems because of this.


The most important features that you have to look for when you pick what robot vacuum to buy are stair detection, programmable times, noise, charging, and virtual wall.
Stair detection allows the device to sense if it reaches a step or a ledge to back off from it, avoiding any damaging incident.
The programmable time allows you to set a certain time of the day, or in a certain day of the week for the robot vacuum to start cleaning. This comes in handy if you are away and you want to find everything spotless when you return.
If you plan on using the robot vacuum while you’re at home, look for a model that doesn’t make much noise, to avoid getting distracted or annoyed by the high-pitched whistle. They are indeed more quiet than the standard vacuum, but if you are to invest in this device, look for a silent one to enjoy peace and quiet for once when vacuuming is done.
One of the best features of the robot vacuum is that it detects when the battery charge is low, and it goes by itself to the charger for a refill of the battery. Therefore, no incidents can happen if you set it to clean while you’re away, avoiding you to come home and find the robot in the middle of the room with only half of the job done.
The virtual wall feature comes in handy if you want to restrict the robot’s access to certain areas. It creates an invisible barrier that you set, and that can’t be passed by the device.

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