– Taking mail forwarding services to a whole new level – Taking mail forwarding services to a whole new level

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IBEX, the legal owner of is continuously improving their mail forwarding and logistics services, as well as their client relations services, by investing in advanced technology.

IBEX, the legal owner of, is taking a new approach to logistics and mail forwarding services, becoming a prominent company in the industry. Besides improving their services, the company puts an incredible accent on client relationships, which are continuously improved and consolidated by IBEX. The results are becoming noticeable, as the levels of positive client feedback are continuously increasing. The company aims to improve their services even further, by creating a more fluent work flow inside the company in terms of logistics management and accurate mail forwarding services. Trained to put the customer’s needs at the top of their priorities, the employees at IBEX are delivering measurable results. Because clients are an essential part of the company’s activity, maybe the most impressive department that runs inside the company is the Quality Control department.


Unlike the employees working at various other rival companies, the employees at IBEX receive continuous training on how to improve their work and the company’s services overall. The company puts continuous efforts into improving their security levels, turn client feedback into usable data in order to improve their services, upgrade the equipment and work flow, in order to deliver better services and increase the client’s levels of satisfaction.

However, the fast-growing company is more than impeccable client relationships and quality services. It is all about incredible logistics services. With an advanced logistics management system, the company succeeds at creating a coherent work flow and optimizing it in order to reduce the time parameters needed on average to reach their destinations. The clients using the services at know exactly where their parcel is located, as the company has recently implemented a smart and responsive Notification system, using a smart and advanced communication interface. Of course, more traditional communications outlets are provided by the company, such as e-mail, telephone and so on. But the smart communication interface is becoming the preferred communication outlet for more and more clients.

The protocols followed by the logistics team at this particular company are complex, in order to assure an impeccable shipment process for each client. This way, the company provides various ways in which each shipment can be managed, at the client’s request and orders. Obviously, the company strictly follows the protocols presented by each client, which makes the company unique in the mail forwarding and logistics management industry. These accurate protocols are not only helping client to know exactly what is happening with their parcels, but also helps the employees working here to cut out the processing times usually necessary in the industry.

By investing in optimizing the work flow inside the company, IBEX has one of the most advanced Transportation Management systems implemented until now. This incredible system offers tracking data, as well as shipment updates and important information regarding each parcel.

Given all the aspects that make this company so good at what they are doing, people and corporations should start considering third-party shipment services as part of their lives, through the company’s official website,

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