Soundproofing and everything you should know about it

Soundproofing and everything you should know about it

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You are constantly worrying about how badly sound is being heard out of your room? Neighbours are not really happy with the situation and you are forced to take some measures or you simply cannot stand the sounds coming from outside? Well, you will need to inform yourself about soundproofing and everything it presupposes. To gain additional information, visit this website. Here is a sum up of the most important ideas to keep in mind when you are willing to soundproof a room:

Understand how sound works

Firstly, you have to get how sound propagates. Sound waves are traveling the air until they reach our ears. In their path, the vibrations can be reflected, refracted or attenuated by obstacles in the medium. Dispersion and focus are capabilities of the sound. Vibrations can be measured in terms of frequency, pressure, amplitude, speed and direction. By soundproofing you can reduce the sound pressure via noise barriers which can reflect or absorb the sound waves. Intervening obstacles in the direction of the sound can reduce the sound power. Anyway, the density of the sound reduces as it disperses into the medium (between the receiver and the source). When we are talking about noise, either if it’s coming from the outside or the inside of a room it can be reduced with the help of a few methods.

What are the solutions?

You need to take into account the fact that there are multiple ways to alleviate sound: absorbing, adding mass, dampening and decoupling surfaces.

  • Absorbing sound means getting rid of sound leakage spaces like ventilator grilles, gaps in floors, window and door gaps, chimneys, extracting fans, waste pipes, hollow walls and the list can go on and on.
  • Adding mass to a surface means you’ll be making the respective object much harder to penetrate. Acoustic vinyl is often used for blocking sounds, acting like a sound barrier for walls, ceilings and floors.
  • Damping the sound represents a way of stopping the sound by reducing the vibration of a surface, resulting in the lack of transmission of noise. Anti-vibration pads do exactly that and by simply placing them around noise producers as speakers, washing machines or anything that makes a lot of sound, the vibration will be gone and the noise will be exponentially reduced.
  • Finally, decoupling surfaces means you need to separate two surfaces that are being close together. Any connection between two surfaces makes propagating sound easy. Decoupling the surfaces will, of course, reduce the penetration of the sound resulting in a quiet environment. It is the most complicated soundproofing method because it implies isolating the walls, ceiling and floors into a floating surface.

You will be amazed with the effects soundproofing has upon a house. At first, you might say it doesn’t really make a difference but once you did it you’ll start noticing the results are noticeable. Either you need it because of what you are doing or because of the environment, soundproofing is a great option for a better quality of life.


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