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Things that should never go down the garbage disposal

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People put just about everything down the garbage disposal. They never give a second thought to what food waste they are getting. Homeowners put down the kitchen sink things that are better off in the trash. Surprising as it may seem, it does matter what goes down the waste disposal unit. Waste can get caught and clog your drain. The kitchen tool may be convenient, but it was not conceived for all types of food waste.  If you are lucky enough to have a garbage disposal, take good care of it. Avoid throwing these things down the kitchen sink.

Animal Bones

You read reviews and check ratings, but you are oblivious to the fact that Bones should never ever go down the garbage disposal. What happens is that the bones continue spinning around the blades. The waste disposal unit is not strong enough to shred the bones into tiny pieces. Well, the blades will touch the bones, but they will not make them small enough to fit through the drain. No, they do not make it down the drain pipe.


This should be evident, yet there are many people who let the grease go down the garbage deposal. You should not do the same. At some point or the other, the grease will become solid and it will clog a portion, if not all of your drain. Also, this is not the most environmentally friendly ways of disposing of grease.

Certain vegetables

People wrongfully assume that the blade of the garbage disposal can handle just about anything. Well, it cannot. The appliance is not an all-mighty one. Certain vegetables can destroy your waste disposal unit. Celery, for example, can cause havoc. This stringy vegetable gets tangled around the blade. The same thing happens to asparagus, lettuce, kale, rhubarb, and onions. Potato peelings are also a big no-no. They can easily clog the drain.

Fruits seeds and cores

Although it may not seem like it, seeds are hard things and they should never be thrown down the garbage disposal. They may appear to go down easily, but the seeds will only stock up. The best thing you can do is throw them in the trash. By flushing down fruit seeds, you are only asking for trouble. The core of fruit does not grind very easily either; so do not use the garbage disposal.


You love pasta. Who does not? If you love your waste disposal unit just as much as you love pasta, throw the leftover pasta in the trash. Pasta should never go down the kitchen sink. When pasta and water combine, it expands.  The thick paste will prevent your garbage disposal from working and you do not want that.

Having a garbage disposal in your home is incredibly useful. However, if you want to enjoy your waste disposal unit for a long time, do not dispose of just about any food waste.  The appliance is only for certain foods. The rule of thumb is this: only small bits of food should go down the kitchen sink


Chiropractic therapy in car accident recovery

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A car accident that results in injuries is a traumatic event. Oftentimes, these injuries are hard to treat and leave the victim with excruciating pain, as well as, in many cases, with dependency of painkillers, unfortunately. None of these circumstances is an ideal one. However, many car accident victims discovered the benefits of chiropractic treatments. Some of the best chiropractors Colorado Springs helped thousands of car accident victims to recover in an efficient, and painkiller free fashion after such events. However, let’s see which are some of the most common injuries that emerge from such events, and how a chiropractor could help.

Common car accident injuries

Regardless of the fact that you were involved in a rear-end car accident, a side sweep or a front collision, several serious injuries appear oftentimes.

  • Herniated disk.
  • Broken bones.
  • Ligament and tendon tears.
  • Spinal cord injuries.
  • Dislocated disc.
  • Muscular sprain and strains.
  • Muscle contusion.

These injuries are all painful and hard to recover from, and they oftentimes leave the victim unable to live a normal and pain-free life. Depending on each injury, the rehabilitation time might be prolonged. In many cases, there are necessary surgeries for remediating these issues. In these cases, the recovery time necessary for each patient will expand considerably. An abrupt stop of a vehicle might cause internal organ bruising, whiplash, serious injuries in legs and arms. And although there might be collisions at a low velocity, the injuries emerging from them are always lasting and painful. This is why many former car accident victims turn their attention to less traditional forms of therapy, such as chiropractic treatments.

How could chiropractic treatments help car accident victims?

Injury rehabilitation is a highly important step to follow after the patient is allowed to attend rehab classes. Chiropractors are a popular alternative because they have the ability to identify a multitude of injuries that other specialists are unable to spot. Their approaches help victims to reduce the rehabilitation time, due to their surgery and painkiller-free approaches. Their strategies oftentimes consist of a lifelong plan to reduce pain caused by car accident injuries. For instance, in back pains that emerge from car accidents, chiropractors will develop a healing plan that oftentimes consists of a mix of physical therapy, hot and cold therapy, electrical stimulation and massage therapies, as well as a personalised exercise plan to improve the posture and reduce the pain experienced by the patient. Chiropractors dedicate themselves to finding solutions for improving their patient’s quality of life by limiting the amount of medication and reducing the pain in an untraditional, yet highly effective fashion. In whiplash’s case, a chiropractor will manipulate the neck muscles in the opposite direction in which the injury occurred for correcting their position and adjusting the joints in a healthy posture.

As you can easily notice, chiropractors are highly trained specialists, their main field of activity being treating former car crash victims and finding personalised therapies for each case.


Which is the Best Way to Purify the Air in Your Home?

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Indoor air quality can affect you on so many levels. When the air from the inside is more polluted than the air outside, you know it’s time to take measures. There’s nothing more important than your health and the health of your family, so if you want to lead a healthy life make sure to find ways to improve the quality of air in the house. Today, we will show you what is the best method to purify the air in your home.

Air purifier

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One of the best methods of purifying the indoor air is to use an air purifier, a device that was specially built for eliminating pollutants and harmful contaminants from the air. What you need to keep in mind regarding air purifiers is that the majority of them use filters that trap dust, pet dander and all sorts of particles, including the ones that are not so noticeable. There is a variety of air purifiers on the market, but not all of them are equally efficient. The most common and also the most efficient air purifiers are those which use HEPA filters because they use several different principles to filter the air. If you read some HEPA air purifier reviews, you will see that these devices are mainly designed for people who suffer from allergies, but they can be useful for anyone who wishes to breathe fresh air in their home. You will find different types of air purifiers on the market but if you are looking for one, in particular, make sure to read several HEPA air purifier reviews so that you can learn more about the main features of the air purifier and find one that will meet your needs.


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By using a dehumidifier you lower the risk of contracting a respiratory disorder or an allergy. A good dehumidifier will extract moisture from the air until there’s an optimal level of humidity in the room. Mold can thrive in environments where there’s too much moisture in the air and your health may be at risk so that’s why dehumidifiers shouldn’t miss from your home. Consider opting for a dehumidifier that contains an air filter because this way you combine the characteristics of an air purifier with the features of a dehumidifier. Moreover, choose a dehumidifier suitable for the size of your home. Better yet, check out some reviews on bestdehumidifier.reviews in order to decide which dehumidifier would be the ideal choice for your home.


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If you are looking for a more affordable and natural alternative, you’ve come to the right place. Did you know that houseplants have air purifying properties? Everyone has houseplants in their home for many reasons but mainly because they are used for decorative purposes. Well, you can place a couple of houseplants even in your bedroom or living room but know what to choose, because there are some houseplants who are more efficient at purifying the air than others. For instance, aloe vera, spider plant, bamboo palm, English ivy and peace lily are the most common plants which are capable of doing a great job at cleaning the air.