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Which is the Best Type of Rowing Machine?

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Nowadays, many people are very interested in how they look, which is absolutely great. Rowing machines are among the most sought for fitness devices, by all those who really want to lose some weight and tone the whole body. Which is the best type of rowing machine?This is something that those who are planning to buy a unit like this, wonder. If you are in the same confusing situation, then the following information will surely help you choose the model that suits you best.

What types of rowing machines are available on the market today?

These days, you will find in the specific shops 4 types of rowing machines: water, air, magnetic, and hydraulic as well, and if you want to find out which type is the best, you need to see how that works and compare all the types available. The water units come with an enclosed tank of water with paddles suspended inside. They are not as noisy as air resistance models, but they are definitely noisier than the magnetic versions. Air-resistance devices feature a flywheel that resembles a cylindrical fan blade. This model has a rigid central rail, and therefore, it takes up lots of space. Moreover, the fan blade can get quite noisy. Magnetic rowing machines use electromagnets in order to provide braking resistance on a flywheel. This type of resistance is quieter and smoother as well, and it can definitely be accurately measured through electronic components. The last category of rowing machines is the hydraulic one. They come equipped with pairs of hydraulic pistons, which are actually connected to separate handlebars. They are often adjustable, and they provide the resistance. In comparison with other models that provide more of a leg and full-body workout, these ones are great for arm workouts.

What type is best to choose?

If you are wondering which is the best type of rowing machines, then what you need to know is that each model is specifically built for a certain purpose. By knowing exactly what you need to obtain, you will go for one type or another. However, one of the most popular models these days is the air rowing machine, due to the fact that it has an efficient resistance system. Magnetic rowing machines are the next great choice, due to the fact that they are lightweight and very easy to store as well. Therefore, are perfect for people who live in apartments or small houses, and space is an issue.