The benefits of letting your child around your pets

The benefits of letting your child around your pets

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Are you surrounded by both pets and children and you don’t know if it is healthy to keep them next to each other? Health issues matter and informing about this subject will most likely surprise you. Contrary to popular belief, having pets wander around you children won’t affect their health in any way, but exactly the opposite: playing with pets has lots of advantages for your children. Here are a few of them that will make you change your mind about your companions and their effects on your family’s wellbeing:

The immune system

Having a pet increases the immune system by reducing different types of allergies and stimulating body functions. There are lots of beneficial effects pets have when children play with them because the bacteria they carry strengthens the body and the little ones won’t face colds or ear infections as often as they would’ve did if no pet was present in the house. Although, if you are extremely worried about fur on your kid’s clothes, bed or flying in the air you should consider the best vacuum for pet hair and every concern will be gone.

Compassion and love

Besides the obvious health benefits pets have, there are personality changes that you will be seeing in your child’s behaviour. A cat or a dog will make your kid be more alert about what’s happening around him, will bring out emotions like compassion and the little one will learn how to develop love. Attachment is a difficult thing to obtain so make sure you get the best teacher for your children – a pet.

Pets gather your family together

After a stressful day at work to come home and find you beloved child and pets running around in pure joy is truly comforting. Pets, no matter their origin, have the wonderful power of gathering all family members altogether, while filling our hearts with happiness and contentment. It is not all about physical health, but psychical health too.  When sadness overcomes your state of mind, a playful night seeing your kids hugging pets and run around the house represents a healing for your soul

Responsibility and engagement

Having a pet is not a chore-less thing, on the contrary – it makes children understand what a responsibility is. Setting up tasks for your kids regarding looking after a dog might seem a little overwhelming at first, until they realise this is a serious situation they got to involve in. A pet doesn’t require only playing and attention, but care, supplies and regular visits to the vet. Explain your child what having a pet supposes and help him compose a schedule to follow each day. This way, you will be sure he is engaging and you will encourage him nurturing\for the ones around him.

All things considered, instead of running away from having a pet around your child, take into account the benefits one brings to your household. Open your heart and your door for a little blessed soul and enjoy the changes a pet will cause.


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