The fundamental differences between conservatories and garden rooms

The fundamental differences between conservatories and garden rooms

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Plants bring life to a home. They are also a simple choice when looking to decorate the house. Flowers embellish a home instantly and you needn’t worry about colour or material. Make a test and place a vase of flowers on the table. Almost instantly, the entire room is completely changed and brought to life. People who love their plants, who enjoy gardening and who own a beautiful space of this kind they like to take great pride in, will most likely invest as much as it is needed in an orangery or a conservatory. Although having some points in common, the two spaces are quite different. The garden rooms vs conservatory’s is a well-known, old debate among builders as well as clients. If you should be interested in such a home addition, you might want to get your fact right before investing in anything. Knowing what sets them apart might make your decision simpler. So, here they are, the three fundamental differences between these two spaces.

Difference in the message sent

Each room in your home should send out a message. It is important to remember this rule and award each space in your home with the necessary attention to details. Chose all decorative items carefully, understanding which one fits your home best and where. The idea of garden rooms is nowadays associated to the idea of wealth, to luxury. Although designed to help citrus fruits grow, once these fruits became more popular on the market, the room became a luxurious home addition. Today, it is perceived as a real estate asset. The conservatory is generally dedicated to growing herbs. This means that it is a more practical purpose oriented space. Although an investment, the conservatory is not necessarily regarded as a sign of wealth and luxury.

Difference in design

The garden room acts as a completely different space in the room. Although it might incorporate certain similar details, it is undoubtedly a space with lots of personality. Some garden rooms have brick walls, for instance, element which you would not normally see in the inside of a house.  In contrast, the conservatory usually respects the design of the home, at the same time following all the rules and regulations in terms of gardening.

Difference in materials

As expected, the materials used in creating these spaces are visible. While in the making of conservatories, aluminium as well as timber and even UPCV is used, the garden room is usually made solely from timber. In the making of both these of spaces, the windows are designed large, so light can enter and plants can grow. Also, both spaces are perfectly insulated. This way, plants will not feel the change in season.

When choosing on one of these spaces, you have to take in consideration various aspects. The differences between them are certainly worth knowing. As you can expect price tends to differ as well. However, you have to decide on the reason for which you are building the space in the first place. This will help you make up your mind.


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