Tips on how to use self-storage units to their maximum potential

Tips on how to use self-storage units to their maximum potential

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Self-storage units are a practical solution, no matter if you need extra space for moving home or taking care of some prized family objects. However, not all units are the same and, to make the most out of the one you rented, you could use some tips and tricks. After all, advice isn’t always offered to you when you first rent the unit, and first time mistakes are easy to overlook. So, if you already have in mind some public storage Sacramento units, we have some tips for you.

Consider the benefits of vertical storage

Many tend to overlook the importance of vertical storage solutions when it comes to their storage units. But truth be told, they allow you to store even more bits and piece than you would be able to if you were to throw on the floor all your belongings. Vertical storage solutions, like industrial racks, maximize the available space and make organizing your items easier. They allow easy access to everything, without having to dig through the piles that would otherwise accumulate on the floor. Also, vertical storage solutions will allow you to store your clothing items on hangers, which will preserve them in proper form until next time you are ready to wear them.

When do you need extra security?

It should be obvious that when storing valuable items in such facilities, you need to increase the security on your unit as well. Jewelry and other valuables should always be stored in safes. This way, no matter if your storage unit gets broken into, you can be sure that your valuables will still remain in place. Of course, you should make sure that you install intelligent locks and even an alarm system if the unit will be used to store mainly valuable items. Make sure to select a facility with permanent video surveillance, individualized alarm systems for each unit available, motion detectors, and on-site security managers. These storage facilities may seem difficult to find, but these are generally basic security requirements in the industry. Despite the increased levels of security, you should be able to access your unit anytime you want, so make sure to discuss this aspect with the owner or manager.

Always label your boxes

You may know exactly what goes into each box, but in time, these memories will dissipate. And this way, you will end up looking inside all boxes if you need something. So, labeling them seems like an obvious step to follow when using self-storage units. Also, a great idea would be to make a checklist of everything you store inside a unit of this kind, with the exact location (e.g. corner box/ second shelf, in the middle). This will make finding bits and pieces a child’s play.

These are three tips on how to make the most out of a storage unit, keep your belongings safe and navigate through the mountain of boxes with ease. Never underestimate the potential of a storage unit.

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