Travelling expands the mind – why choose Courchevel this winter

Travelling expands the mind – why choose Courchevel this winter

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Holidays are by far the most awaited period of the entire year, regardless of who you ask. People need holidays to get their batteries recharged and to be able to start their work with greater enthusiasm and to be able to focus better on what they have to do. However, when it comes to selecting the right holiday destination, things get complicated, considering the many options available to choose from. This winter, the next-to destination for you should be Courchevel. Here’s why you should look for rental Courchevel offers right away.

You will find snow … everywhere!

Courchevel is a worldly popular holiday destination especially for ski aficionados. It’s obvious that you need snow for skiing, and Courchevel seems like the perfect place for it. Worth mentioning is that nearly all the ski area is located at 1800m altitude or even higher and most of the runs are North facing. People have started to see a big business opportunity in this area since the glorious Eighties, starting with the Savoyarde resort, which was among the first that decided to invest in artificial snow. Today, more than 600 snow cannons are placed all over the ski area in order to cover more than half of the runs, not to mention about the 30 extra machines that were placed in Courchevel Moriond.

The importance of being respectful to the environment

People from Courchevel understood from the very beginning that showing respect for the environment is no shame, but on the contrary, it is something that foreigners will admire at them. Snow making equipment is constantly checked and people ensure it is upgraded on a regular basis to become more and more efficient and to reduce the use of electricity and water while producing more snow. This is how the snow equipment managed to nearly double its capacity of snow producing per hour (from more than 3000 m3 to up to 6000 m3). And people still continue to make upgrades.

Top quality restaurants

You won’t find restaurants as good as the ones from Courchevel anywhere in the entire world, or so tourists who have already visited the location claimed. Most restaurants here have seven Michelin stars, which means they are the top of the peak, literally and figuratively speaking. The resort is considered to be a pioneer when it comes to gastronomy. The first time a restaurant in this resort managed to win a Michelin star was back in 1979. Today though, people revel in choice with various eating places that boast Michelin stars, restaurants that can fit within any budget.

The surprises you get on the mountain

It’s not every day that you have the chance to meet a giant red crocodile on a mountainous area or a huge gorilla. Courchevel does know how to surprise its tourists with all sorts of unique creations. The place has become an outdoor gallery over the past years, so you can see all these creations if you choose this ski resort as your holiday destination for this winter.

Pass through the doors of Aquamotion

The very first year when Aquamotion opened its doors, thousands of people visited it and the number grows by the year. This aqua and wellness center has become widely popular over the years due to its eight pools and over 15 treatment booths. Besides the relaxation you can get here, there are other various activities you can perform within the building and climbing and surfing are only two very good examples. Enjoy the futuristic looking, the combination between glass, wood and stainless steel that fit in with the majestic pine trees surrounding the area.

Factors to value when looking for accommodation

Now that you’ve got convinced Courchevel is the go-to holiday destination for you this winter, it’s time you considered these useful tips related to finding accommodation in the area. First, you have to decide whom you will travel with – alone, with friends or with family, because depending on this aspect, you will have to search for the proper accommodation place. Then, think whether or not you will like breakfast to be included in the price, or maybe you will opt for an all-inclusive offer. Further on, decide on where you will want your accommodation to be located. Perhaps you want it to be closer to a specific restaurant or to the ski area.

Of course, the price is also an important consideration. Do your research well and see what the prices for that ski resort are. Choose what suits you best.

Tips to get ready

Before you go to this popular ski resort, make sure you have a valid passport. Your documents should be all up to date to avoid any unpleasant situations from occurring. Also, make sure you pack proper clothes. After all, you are going to a mountainous area, where there is a lot of snow. You will need warm clothes so make sure you take enough with you considering the number of days and nights you have planned to stay there.

Make sure that you also include ski equipment in your package. Everything from ski clothes to ski tools should be added on the check list to ensure you forget nothing at home that you may want or need later on.

Also, don’t forget about the camera! The region is mesmerizing and you will definitely regret if you don’t have anything you can take great photos with. Take advantage of this holiday and change that old Facebook profile photo you have! Your friends and family will definitely appreciate it.

Final thoughts

Courchevel is by far one of the most (if not THE MOST) popular winter holiday destination that both people who are in love and those who aren’t with skiing visit it every year. The number of tourists increases by the year and this can only be a great thing for the locals. If you are planning to go on a holiday this winter, whether it’s with your friends or your family, choose Courchevel. You won’t regret it.

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