How to Make a Good Cup of Coffee

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If you love coffee, it’s clear that you can’t start your day without enjoying a hot cup of your favorite brew. Coffee has become the most popular beverage in the world after water due to the fact that it gives the person drinking it a big boost of energy. As a coffee lover, you surely already own a coffee maker, preparing the beverage with it. But what you might not know is that there are certain rules for making a superior quality coffee. Therefore, if you want to brew the best coffee ever with the coffee maker, read the following lines to learn how to make a good cup of coffee.
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Buy fresh beans and keep them fresh

The beans that you make the coffee out of are extremely important for the final taste of the brew. For your coffee to taste perfect, the beans that you purchase must be fresh, and you have to do your best to keep them that way until consumption. Buy the coffee beans from a local roaster to make sure that you’re investing in a fresh product. Make sure that you avoid buying the beans from supermarket display bins because oxygen and bright light destroy the flavor of the roasted beans. Also, make sure that you store the beans properly to keep them fresh. The best container choices for keeping coffee beans fresh are ceramic storage crocks and glass canning jars.

Look for Arabica beans

Of course, certain types of beans are better than others. All coffee lovers agree that the 100% pure Arabica beans are the best on the market, having a rich taste and a great flavor. Therefore, if you want to drink great coffee every day, don’t cheap out and buy alternatives that contain Robusta beans. Look for pure Arabica beans because only they will give you the quality coffee that you deserve.

Grind before you brew

You might not know this, but coffee slowly loses its quality once you grind it. A secret to making the best quality coffee out there is to grind the coffee beans before you prepare the brew. Invest in an electric grinder for this task. When you want to drink coffee, just put the beans in the electric grinder, and put them in the coffee maker afterward to make the delicious brew.

Use clean, decontaminated water

The quality of the water that you use to prepare the coffee with is just as important as the quality of the beans. Seeing how tap water is filled with chlorine and contaminants, it’s not the best choice to go with when preparing coffee. To make sure that the water you use is of a great quality, install a water filter. The water filter will effectively remove the contaminants, ensuring that you will prepare the coffee with clean, decontaminated water.

Best Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Boards

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Do you want to buy a stand up paddle board and you don’t know what to choose? Nowadays, most people are opting for the inflatable boards because they are comfortable and easy to storage. Moreover, they provide you with stability and performance. Keep on reading, if you want to find out which are the best inflatable stand up paddle boarders.

Tower Adventurer 2 10’4” iSUP

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The Tower Adventurer 2 10’4” iSUP is the new version of the original Adventurer. At 10’4” long, this board is created for maneuverability and speed, being longer that the original. On the other hand, it has the same thickness (6in.) and a military-grade PVC. Moreover, if you want to purchase this item, you will take a good decision because it is rigid and durable. This way, you will have more stability in the water. The Tower Adventurer 2 10’4” iSUP has a lot of accessories, such as a carry handle on the front and back, a bungee, and a higher quality paddle.

Ten Toes inflatable stand up paddle board

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According to most of the inflatable sup reviews we have perused, the Ten Toes inflatable board provides you with stability, performance, and durability, three features that every surfer must look for in their board. It is designed at 10 feet long and 30 inches wide, for more stability. Its PVC construction and the deck pad make it comfortable and easy to use. Moreover, due to its solid construction, it is very difficult to be damaged. There are a lot of water sports enthusiasts who choose to use the Ten Toes board because it provides great maneuverability on the water. Furthermore, it has a carry handle and a lightweight paddle which make its use more convenient.

Solstice Bali inflatable SUP

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When you look to buy a SUP, you need also to consider your budget, because the original paddle boarders are a bit expensive. That’s why you should have a look at the Solstice Bali, which is a cheap SUP, created to provide you with the same rigidity and performance as others. Furthermore, if you are thinking about buying a Solstice Bali board, you must know that it comes with a pump, a bag, and an air pressure gauge which will add value to your purchase.

PathFinder inflatable SUP

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The PathFinder inflatable SUP is often chosen by most people due to its durability. It is built of PVC and a multi-layer drop stitch pattern which makes this board particularly long-lasting. Like other boarders, the PathFinder inflatable SUP comes with accessories such as a pump and a paddle.