Why should you consider a loft conversion instead of buying a bigger home?

Why should you consider a loft conversion instead of buying a bigger home?

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In many cases, moving to a bigger home seems to be the only option for many families. In many cases, the main reason for which a home update is necessary is a new addition to the family. But realistically speaking, a loft conversion might cover the necessary extra space requirements with high levels of success.  This Walthamstow loft conversion company can deliver amazing results for all clients, making sure to maximise the existing space. However, below are some reasons for which you should consider a loft conversion instead of buying a bigger home.

1. Increase the living space considerably

If your main motivation for moving into a new home is not having enough space in the current one, you must know that an improvement of this kind is able to increase the existing space considerably. Not only these improvements increase the living space, but they also increase the underneath-the-stairs storage space as well. Moreover, since these additions use the space vertically available, your yard’s dimensions won’t change at all. There are other improvements one could bring to their home, such as home extensions, but these eat up all the available space in the yard, as a consequence. Loft conversions are simply perfect for those who aim to increase the living space without sacrificing the yard space.

2. Avoid a costly moving process

Moving into a bigger home does not only mean that you’ll have to pay more for a bigger house, but also that you’ll have plenty of extra charges for the entire moving process. Moving trucks, moving supplies these all cost plenty of money, money which could be smartly invested in a loft conversion. If you want to save yourself from the whole moving process and all the costs implied, try this option.

3. Increase your property’s value

Real estate experts seem all to agree upon this aspect. Investing in a loft conversion will increase the value of your property incredibly. Market researches show that a loft conversion, in spite of the reduced prices involved is able to increase a property’s value by 20%. On the average home, this means some extra 40.000 pounds. So, if you want to get rid of the unpleasant moving process, win some space and increase your property’s value, a loft conversion is the solution you are searching for.

4. You’ll get a nice view

If you dream of having an incredible view over the streets of your neighbourhood, loft conversions are perfect! Instead of viewing the other houses and windows on the street, you will be able to raise your view level considerably with an addition of this kind.

5. Increased natural light

These additions have usually large ceiling windows, which increases the natural light and makes it possible to decrease the energy costs considerably. If you think that a loft conversion is not a money-saving addition, only think about this small aspect next time.

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